“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

January 30th, 2018

We are excited to go to Chat n Chill today with our good friends. Chat n Chill is usually busy on Sundays because its the pig roast.

I make eggs and bacon and we relax on the back deck. I assemble two new closet organizers, and we walk around the gardens and admire the blooming flowers. We also discuss putting more topsoil into the flower beds along with mulch. Hopefully we can get all of it done before our next trip to the island.

Gardens look great

We leave the house around 1230 and meet our friends at Browns Marine east of Georgetown. A group of us head out on the 26 foot Twin Vee across Elizabeth Harbour and towards Stocking Island. It’s a perfect day….. but as our friends say…. “Every day in Exuma is perfect”

All set for Chat n Chill

The Captain of the boat

We arrive at Chat n Chill and its busy as usual. Boats from all over the harbour are on shore. Huge yachts are anchored off shore and the music plays loud. The bar is lined up out the door as people order food and drinks. I love the atmosphere here!

We arrive in style βš“βš“

As we go to jump off the boat one of the famous Chat n Chill stingrays floats by. Chase grabs the GoPro and off he goes to video the stingrays and feed them some conch.

Chat n Chill stingrays

We find our spot under a palm tree and set up for the afternoon. Chase has already found his friends from the other day at Forbes Hill.


Pig Roast at Chat n Chill

Chase takes his cast net over to the bay to catch some bait fish. We spend a few hours chatting and enjoying the sunshine. The entire shore is lined with boats. So many people are here from all over the world… very cool.

Enjoying the sunshine

The Conch Shack

Chase plays volleyball with a group of kids as we get packed up. I grab another kalik from the bar and jump onto the boat with everyone else.

Heading back to the mainland

What a perfect day. We jump into our rental car and head back home. Chase wants to fish….. of course….. so I drop Heather at the house. Chase and I drive up the road to Emerlad Bay so he can fish the creek. Chase uses the fly rod tonight. I manage to land a grey snapper!

Fly fishing at Emerald Bay

My grey snapper!

We end the night with a big dinner and a movie. Tomorrow our property manager is dropping over for lunch and we are looking forward to the visit. Chase wants to get up early and fish at Rolleville. I can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day in Exuma!! 😫


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 29th, 2018

After our coffee on the deck Heather and I make our way towards town. We stop at Darville Lumber to return some things, then stop by AID to pick up some supplies. We make our way through Georgetown and stop at the Exuma Market to get green pepper, black olives, avocado, and cucumber.

It’s just before noon and we stop into Augusta Bay Resort for a kalik and to use the wifi. Heather replies to a new rental inquiry and I take some pictures of the view and have a cold kalik.

Kalik and a view

We meet our friend Wade for a beer and sit on the dock and watch the boats leave the resort.

Augusta Bay Resort

We drive back towards the house just after 1pm. We stop at Prime Island Meats for cauliflower and ground beef. I drop Heather at home and drive around the corner to Coconut Grove Liquor Store for wine and Kalik, and grab sour cream and water from Tracy Bowes Convenience.

Chase and Heather go for a run on the beach and I pack up the beach bags to go to Emerald Bay. We drive up the road and arrive a couple minutes later. Chase takes his cast net and attempts to catch bait fish in the creek. We set up our beach chairs and run into our friends from across the street. We chat for a bit and discuss the Junkanoo tonight and maybe Chat n Chill tomorrow.

Chase and the Stand Up Paddleboard

We spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach under the beach umbrella. The breeze is perfect. Chase finds some new friends…. 3 local potcakesMaking friends

Making friends…

Around 430 I drop Heather at home while Chase keeps fishing. He’s caught a schoolmaster snapper and a ladyfish, and he refuses to leave as he keeps getting bites!

Nice fish!

Tonight we make taco bowls for dinner… so good! And to top the night off…Hockey Night in Canada on TV! We tune into our Toronto Maple Leafs versus the New York Islanders. Watching hockey in Exuma!! πŸ’πŸ’


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 28th, 2018

After our morning coffee Heather and I walk around the property and admire the beautiful gardens. We cant believe how different the property looks now from the time we purchased the house almost five years ago.

We walk down to the water and walk the length of the beach. Its windy and the waves are big, and the sun is shining bright.

We promise Chase his favorite breakfast so we pack the car and head to town. Chase is craving his two stack pancakes and bacon from Augusta Bay Resort.

Breakfast at Augusta Bay Resort

Heather and I have a coffee and a juice and take in the view of Stocking Island. We always make it to Augusta Bay Resort at least once every trip for breakfast.

Breakfast and a view of Elizabeth Harbour πŸ’§πŸ’™

Chase takes his cast net down to the beach and catches some bait for fishing later.


We decide to go to Little Exuma and find a beach or two for the day. We drive through Georgetown towards the tip of Little Exuma. We pull off the road and discover a beach that we have never been to before. It’s amazing. We have to stay here for a bit!

Our little secret beach for the day

Chase wave jumps and Heather explores for sea shells. I have a cold kalik and watch the waves crash onto the shore. We stay here for about an hour and a half, and Chase wants to check out Forbes Hill beach at high tide and cliff jump!

We arrive at Forbes Hill Beach and set up the chairs. The waves are bigger than we have seen here before.

Beautiful Forbes Hill Beach πŸ“ΈπŸ“Έ

Chase makes some new friends and he helps the younger kids cliff dive into the water. The waves are huge and the kids all have a great time.

Cliff jumping

We have plans to slip down the road to Santana’s Beach Bar for a drink but Chase is having so much fun with his new friends from Miami we decide to stay for the rest of the day.

We pack the car around 330 and head back towards the house. We want to get to Prime Island Meats before it closes to get some things for dinner. We get sidetracked…..Chase starts to fish at the Little Exuma bridge in The Ferry. First he catches a Nassau grouper. He then catches three huge lemon sharks but they keep breaking the line!

Fishing for sharks at the Little Exuma bridge

We stay so long that we miss Prime Island Meats! We stop into Smitty’s Convenience Store and pick up hamburgers, milk and romaine lettuce. We make it home just as it gets dark.

I make dinner and we relax for the evening. Heather emails some guests and then we walk the property looking at the stars, the palms trees and the solar lighting. Tomorrow is already Saturday and we cant believe it!!


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 27th, 2018

A drink with a view, shopping in Georgetown, and a rainshower.

Heather and I head towards town to do some shopping for supplies and Chase stays back at the house. First we stop at AID Supplies and purchase some new dinnerware, some shelves, and a few other things. We stop at Shop Rite next in Georgetown and stock up on more coffee.

We make our way through town and park at the gas station next to the liquor store. We pick up a case of kalik light and some kalik “Radlers”. We walk up the steps to our insurance broker and pay our 2019 insurance fees.

Downtown Georgetown

Unfortunately, when we stop into Minn’s Water Sports they tell us that all the boats are rented until January 5th. We usually try and rent a boston whaler for a day or two. We browse the Sandpiper gift shop next door.

The Exuma Courthouse

Heather looks through the Exuma Straw Market then we head towards the Peace and Plenty Hotel for a drink.

Exuma Straw Market

Hand made items

Exuma Police boat 🚀

We enjoy a kalik and watch the boats go back and forth between Georgetown and Stocking Island. Hopefully we can get over to the island this trip as we love to spend time at Chat n Chill Beach Bar.

Drinks at Peace and Plenty Hotel

We walk the Government Dock and take in the view from the Regatta bleachers.

Regatta bleachers

We pick up Chase, grab a bite, and head out towards the West end. I grab a bottle of wine at Bristols Liquor Store at Emerald Bay and we stop at Flamingo Beach to swim and enjoy the sun. Chase skimboards and wave jumps.

Flamingo Beach

Someone is having a good time 😎

It starts to cloud over and rain so we pack up our things and drive back towards the house. We stop at Emerald Bay so Chase can fish again in the creek. He catches two fish!

The fisherman

It starts to rain heavy and we pack up quickly. We drop by Tracy Bowes Convenience store near the house for bacon, milk, cheese and snacks. When we get home Chase has a hot bath, Heather has a shower, and I make dinner….. steak, salad, and some leftovers from Christmas dinner.

We relax on the couch and enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of the ocean. Heather emails some upcoming guests and reads the 5 star review from our last guests from Florida.

Incredible Experience!! I have visited Exuma several times over the last 5 years but this was probably my best experience so far. We loved everything about the house and the location. We will be back to Canuck Palms!”

#LoveOurGuests πŸ’™πŸ’™


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 26th, 2018

Sharks, bonefish flats and beach bars.

We pack up the car first thing after breakfast and head off towards Georgetown. We pass through town and drive to Master Harbour, where we turn right and head south to the other side of the island. We park at one of the dead ends and look out over the bonefish flats. Its #ExumaBlue as far as he eye can see!

Bonefish flats 🐟🐟

Chase sees some baby stingrays and snapper. Heather sees a huge sea turtle swim past. Chase and I fish near the mangroves hoping to catch the big one. Off in the distance we see some people bonefishing off one of the sandbars.

Mid morning we pack up and tour the shoreline back to town, stopping now and then to view the water. We have lunch at the Rusty Anchor at February Point Resort. We enjoy ceasar salad, hamburger, and mozzarella sticks.

Chase wants to go to one of his favorite fishing spots near Rolleville. We make the trip west past our house and get to his favorite spot just after 2pm. It’s beautiful. πŸ’™πŸ’™

The most amazing sandbars

Chase grabs his fishing gear and heads towards his fishing hole hoping to find a shark or two. His first cast he lands a lemon shark!

Chase doing what he does best.

Heather strolls the sandbars as low tide arrives. She finds sea shells and starfish. I grab my fly rod and head off in search of bonefish.

Fly fishing

Beautiful day in Exuma

We spend the next hour or so fishing and exploring. I could stay out here for days. I hear Chase yelling in the distance…. “fish on!”

Chase with his 2nd shark of the day.

Just before 4 oclock we pack up and head back towards home. We stop at Big D’s Conch Shack for a kalik, and enjoy the Bahamian music. The beach bar is packed tonight. Chase takes his cast net down to the water and catches some more bait.


We stop at Emerald Bay so Chase can cast a few times in an attempt to catch the 20 pound tarpon. As the sun begins to set we arrive back at Canuck Palms. Chase and I walk to the beach. I attempt to catch the huge fish from last night as Chasel jumps in the huge waves.

Missed the big one again….

Big waves this evening

The path to the beach and a beautiful sunset

We end the night having leftovers from last nights turkey dinner….. amazing. Chase uploads his fishing videos to his YouTube fishing channel, and I add some posts to Canuck Palms social media. Heather takes some time to correspond with some upcoming guests that are excited about their stay.

What are the plans for tomorrow? Sometimes the best plans are no plans at all! 🌴😎


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 25th 2018

Chase wakes me up way earlier than I want to get up. Apparently Santa has arrived and I need to get up and get started opening presents. I just want a coffee.

We relax on the couch while listening to Christmas music. Chase is so excited its ridiculous.

Santa came!

We get spoiled by Santa. We are so lucky to be in Exuma for Christmas. That’s the perfect gift for me. Chase unwraps some awesome gifts including an apple watch, a fishing rod and a new saltwater fishing reel!

Santa left his big bag of gifts

Merry Christmas!! πŸŽ…πŸŽ…

I make steak and eggs for breakfast and we pack up for the beach. We spend the morning at Emerald Bay and Chase has some luck with his new rod and reel. Chase catches two tarpon and a grey snapper!

Big Catch!

Heather and I relax by the water and watch the waves roll in. Its a cloudy Christmas Day, but still warm and beautiful.

Emerald Bay

We pack up and head back to the house to get the turkey prepped and in the oven. We relax for a bit as it starts to rain. Mid afternoon Chase and I walk down to our beach to fish and swim. I get the biggest fish on that actually starts to pull me into the water towards the reef. Is it a huge bonefish?! Maybe its the barracuda that is always here. Or even a shark!? I will never know as it broke the line!

We arrive back at the house and enjoy an outdoor shower. I pour a glass of wine and check on the turkey. Some of our close friends are popping over for dinner around 6 o’clock.

Looking forward to turkey dinner

Guests arrive shortly after 6 and we enjoy music, stories and a few drinks. Dinner is perfect…. turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies, and zucchini.

Bacon covered turkey….

When our guests leave we relax on the couch and enjoy a Christmas movie. I spend some time writing the Canuck Palms blog and some posts on facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We all agree that we are stuffed from dinner and that we will sleep well tonight. Apparently Chase wants to fish for sharks in Rolleville tomorrow! 🦈🐟


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 24th, 2018

We wake up early and as always we enjoy a coffee on the back deck and listen to the waves. A do some social media work online and we get ready to head to town for groceries.

We plan to go to town and have breakfast at Peace and Plenty. Heather had the best eggs benedict last trip and absolutely loved it. We fill up our water jug at Exuma Building Supplies, then stop to see Ron at Prime Island Meats about a turkey for Christmas dinner. The store is packed as people scramble to last minute food shop before Christmas. We decide to save the trip to Georgetown and buy everything we need at Prime Island Meats. We pick up a 14 pound turkey, and I treat us to 3 New York Striploin steaks for tonight!

We arrive home around 1130. Chase has pancakes and I have bacon and eggs. Heather gets all of the Christmas decorations out, including the stockings and our little Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is up!

Herode our gardener stops in for a visit. We walk around the property and talk about some of the things we want to do in the new year.

Palm trees are getting big 🌴🌴

Heather and I slide around the corner to Tracy Bowes Convenience Store and pick some extra things….. potatoes, pop, bacon, cream cheese and romaine lettuce. We stop into Bristols Liquor Store at Emerlad Bay for wine.

Love our Guests! Enjoying this Chicago Blackhawks beer cozy with a kalik! Thanks Michelle and Laura!

Chase and I head to Flamingo Bay and Emerald Bay to try and catch some bait with his new casting net. He has luck at Emerald Bay, landing 8 or 9 small Mullets. He puts them in a large costco pretzel container and makes a fish tank for the house.

Bahamas fish tank

Heather and Chase walk down to the water and go for a walk on the beach. I prepare us steak, cauliflower and salad for dinner. We enjoy dinner and a rum punch, and end the night watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Its funny that the movie we are watching was actually filmed right here in Exuma, and Johnny Depp and his crew spent several nights enjoying drinks and lobster just down the road at Santana’s Grill!

Christmas Eve in Exuma! Looking forward to spending Christmas Day with the turkey in the oven, my toes in the sand…… and a cold kalik in my hand. 🍺🍺


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

December 23rd, 2018

We have never been this long between visits to Exuma before. It’s been nine months since we last spent time at Canuck Palms. We had planned to come during the summer but found ourselves busy renovating our new adventure @canuckpines in Muskoka Ontario.

We arrive at Pearson Airport at around 6am in order to beat the holiday rush. We are excited to get away…. a time to decompress. As soon as I see the #ExumaBlue water my heart starts to beat a little slower. I’m finally back home. πŸ πŸ’™

“50 Shades of Blue”

Chase takes a video while he walks down the airplane steps to the tarmac. Apparently this will be uploaded to “YouTube” for all his followers to see. We make our way to Airport Car Rental to pick up our Toyota Corolla. We quickly pack our luggage and take off towards the house which is only about 8 minutes away. We make a quick stop at Tracy Bowe’s Convenience Store for the essentials…. milk, lettuce, cheese, bacon, water, juice, butter, kalik and coconut rum.

Home Sweet Home

The gardens are in full bloom

Chase and I do a quick video of the house for our Canuck Palms YouTube channel. He grabs his swimsuit and says “Meet you at the beach!”

I unpack the groceries and put some kalik in the fridge. Heather and I tour the house and enjoy the view of the freshly manicured gardens from the back deck. Herode does such an amazing job at keeping the gardens and landscaping looking spectacular.

Gardens by Herode…

We grab our swimsuits, beach chairs and a beer and follow the sound of the waves.

Missed this place!

Time for a Kalik!

We meet a family from Detroit that is staying next door at Exuma Beach Rental. Chase throws his new cast net and gets a couple small bonefish. He then spends some time jumping waves.

Chase using his cast net.

We spend about an hour down at the water then head back to the house. We rinse off in the outdoor shower and Heather makes Chase some pasta. Heather and I get ready and head out for a quick bite. We stop at Big D’s up the road, Paradise Bay, then finally stop at the Palapa Grill at Grand Isle Resort for dinner.

Tonight’s beautiful Exuma sunset

Dinner was great. Heather had pizza, and I enjoyed wings and salad. We arrive back home around 630. Heather unpacks while I add some posts on Instagram, Twitter, and facebook.

We relax on our big couch with a glass of wine and watch a christmas movie while I prepare our “A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms” wordpress blog. Heather reads all the amazing comments from our guests in the guest comments book. Love our guests!!

I’m thinking breakfast at Peace and Plenty tomorrow! 🍳🍽