“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 28th, 2018

After our morning coffee Heather and I walk around the property and admire the beautiful gardens. We cant believe how different the property looks now from the time we purchased the house almost five years ago.

We walk down to the water and walk the length of the beach. Its windy and the waves are big, and the sun is shining bright.

We promise Chase his favorite breakfast so we pack the car and head to town. Chase is craving his two stack pancakes and bacon from Augusta Bay Resort.

Breakfast at Augusta Bay Resort

Heather and I have a coffee and a juice and take in the view of Stocking Island. We always make it to Augusta Bay Resort at least once every trip for breakfast.

Breakfast and a view of Elizabeth Harbour 💧💙

Chase takes his cast net down to the beach and catches some bait for fishing later.


We decide to go to Little Exuma and find a beach or two for the day. We drive through Georgetown towards the tip of Little Exuma. We pull off the road and discover a beach that we have never been to before. It’s amazing. We have to stay here for a bit!

Our little secret beach for the day

Chase wave jumps and Heather explores for sea shells. I have a cold kalik and watch the waves crash onto the shore. We stay here for about an hour and a half, and Chase wants to check out Forbes Hill beach at high tide and cliff jump!

We arrive at Forbes Hill Beach and set up the chairs. The waves are bigger than we have seen here before.

Beautiful Forbes Hill Beach 📸📸

Chase makes some new friends and he helps the younger kids cliff dive into the water. The waves are huge and the kids all have a great time.

Cliff jumping

We have plans to slip down the road to Santana’s Beach Bar for a drink but Chase is having so much fun with his new friends from Miami we decide to stay for the rest of the day.

We pack the car around 330 and head back towards the house. We want to get to Prime Island Meats before it closes to get some things for dinner. We get sidetracked…..Chase starts to fish at the Little Exuma bridge in The Ferry. First he catches a Nassau grouper. He then catches three huge lemon sharks but they keep breaking the line!

Fishing for sharks at the Little Exuma bridge

We stay so long that we miss Prime Island Meats! We stop into Smitty’s Convenience Store and pick up hamburgers, milk and romaine lettuce. We make it home just as it gets dark.

I make dinner and we relax for the evening. Heather emails some guests and then we walk the property looking at the stars, the palms trees and the solar lighting. Tomorrow is already Saturday and we cant believe it!!

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