“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

January 30th, 2018

We are excited to go to Chat n Chill today with our good friends. Chat n Chill is usually busy on Sundays because its the pig roast.

I make eggs and bacon and we relax on the back deck. I assemble two new closet organizers, and we walk around the gardens and admire the blooming flowers. We also discuss putting more topsoil into the flower beds along with mulch. Hopefully we can get all of it done before our next trip to the island.

Gardens look great

We leave the house around 1230 and meet our friends at Browns Marine east of Georgetown. A group of us head out on the 26 foot Twin Vee across Elizabeth Harbour and towards Stocking Island. It’s a perfect day….. but as our friends say…. “Every day in Exuma is perfect”

All set for Chat n Chill

The Captain of the boat

We arrive at Chat n Chill and its busy as usual. Boats from all over the harbour are on shore. Huge yachts are anchored off shore and the music plays loud. The bar is lined up out the door as people order food and drinks. I love the atmosphere here!

We arrive in style ⚓⚓

As we go to jump off the boat one of the famous Chat n Chill stingrays floats by. Chase grabs the GoPro and off he goes to video the stingrays and feed them some conch.

Chat n Chill stingrays

We find our spot under a palm tree and set up for the afternoon. Chase has already found his friends from the other day at Forbes Hill.


Pig Roast at Chat n Chill

Chase takes his cast net over to the bay to catch some bait fish. We spend a few hours chatting and enjoying the sunshine. The entire shore is lined with boats. So many people are here from all over the world… very cool.

Enjoying the sunshine

The Conch Shack

Chase plays volleyball with a group of kids as we get packed up. I grab another kalik from the bar and jump onto the boat with everyone else.

Heading back to the mainland

What a perfect day. We jump into our rental car and head back home. Chase wants to fish….. of course….. so I drop Heather at the house. Chase and I drive up the road to Emerlad Bay so he can fish the creek. Chase uses the fly rod tonight. I manage to land a grey snapper!

Fly fishing at Emerald Bay

My grey snapper!

We end the night with a big dinner and a movie. Tomorrow our property manager is dropping over for lunch and we are looking forward to the visit. Chase wants to get up early and fish at Rolleville. I can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day in Exuma!! 😫

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