A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms.

Wednesday April 5th, 2017

Chase wants to swim with the turtles today at Hoopers Bay.  We head to towards town mid morning and arrive at the RBC Bank around 11am.  I grab some money from the bank machine and Heather and Chase stop in at the tourism office to get some 2017 Exuma visitor guides.  

I unload the SUP board and paddle from the car to take down to Hoopers Bay Beach.  We set up our beach chairs half way down the beach and Chase walks down the beach to see the turtles.  The water is perfect, so we inflate the red paddle SUP board to use for the day.  

Walking down the path to Hooper’s Bay

Chase and Heather paddle down towards the turtles and I walk the beach.  The water is calm.  A lonely catamaran floats in the bay which makes for a great picture.  

Swimming with the turtles 

Before we even get in the water the turtles surface.  Chase and Heather arrive on the SUP board and the sea turtles come to say hi.

What an experience with the turtles

Several fish swim around us including the algae fish that ride the turtles, snapper, and barJacks.   Chase gets his gopro out for great underwater pics! 

We spend the rest of the afternoon sitting on the beach and riding the SUP board.  The water is calm and we don’t want to leave.  

Beach time

We stay at Hooper’s Bay until almost five o’clock.  We deflate the SUP board and walk to the car.  What a day.  We can’t wait to get home and check out the turtle pics!  

We arrive home and unpack the car, hoping to have a walk on the beach and catch the last sunset of the trip.  Chase loads the pictures and video from today onto the laptop ….. amazing! It’s our last day tomorrow, the trip has gone so fast!  Tomorow will be a busy day, having to pack, fix the clothes line, repair portions of the fence, and add some new flavor grills to the BBQ.   Goodnight Exuma.. 🐢🐢


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms.  

Tuesday April 4th, 2017

We are heading out fishing with our neighbor Barry between 10 and 11 am.  We would normally want to go earlier but we have to time it right with the tide.  If we don’t we could be stranded out in the middle of the bonefish flats at low tide.  

We still have time to walk the beach,  have a nice breakfast, and to pack a lunch for the trip.  We meet Barry in front of the house shortly after 10, and he has his fishing boat all hooked up on the trailer and is ready to go.  

We drive to The Cays Resort on the south side of the island to a private boat launch.  The Cays is right beside Catch a Fire restaurant.  In no time the boat is in and we are off towards the uninhabited Cays.   The water is amazing…the colours are unbelievable.  It’s true, very few people visiting Exuma experience this side if the island.  I can’t stop taking pictures!

Can you tell he’s excited?

We rig up some bait and troll for barricuda. We have no luck so we make our way to another cay.  We fish for sharks but they don’t seem to be around today.  The odd sea turtle swims by but no sharks.  We pull up the anchor and try and make it to another fishing hole before the water gets too shallow.  Barry sticks to the darker blue water, as the lighter blue is shallow.  We pass two guys fishing for bonefish in knee high water.  The ocean is like a watercolour painting…..at this point I’m so glad I’m out here,  so happy to experience this!

Exuma Blue

We now see sharks!  Chase has a massive one on but the shark breaks the line.  Barry misses one too.  We see lemon sharks surface the odd time and we almost get another one in the boat.  

Waiting for the big one

We find a quiet cove and pull the boat up to shore for lunch.  I’m hungry and I’m  looking forward to the sandwiches I made this morning.  I open up the cooler to find crackers, carrots and diet coke…..I forgot my sandwiches!  Oh well…..I grab some carrots, rig up a jig head with some squid and wade into the water to try and catch a bonefish.  Chase watches Barry flyfish and the spot a barracuda.  

Lunch break

The tide is rising so we are hoping it is deep enough to make it to our last fishing spot.  We want to try fishing the mangroves for bonefish as the tide comes in.  We fly across the different shades of blue for about 20 minutes and get to our spot.  We slowly drift in towards the mangroves in hopes of seeing bonefish.  No such luck….but there are barracuda and sharks!  The needlenose fish jump out of the water as we cast our bait towards the sharks.  Barry lands two sharks into the boat…what a fight!  Chase gets to reel in the second lemon shark.  He is so excited! 

Lemon shark!

We load the boat back onto the trailer shortly after four o’clock.   We were out on the water longer than planned. Chase rides in the back of the truck as we make our way back to the house.

Heading for home

We get home and rinse off the fishing equipment in the outdoor shower.  Heather and I take drive up to Bristols liquor store and grab some things for tonight.  Barry and Donna pop over just before seven for drinks and munches.  The girls have wine and Barry and I have scotch.  It’s a great night, the perfect end to one of my favorite days on the water.  Now guess what Chase wants to buy?  A boat! ⚓⚓




A Day in the life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms.

Monday April 3rd, 2017.

I get up early and gather up all the fishing gear.  I had surprised Chase with some squid from Tracy Bowes Convenience Store, and he’s so excited to go fishing with it.  We do our morning ritual…. a walk on the beach near the beach house while enjoying a coffee.  Chase makes pancakes again, and Heather and I have eggs with toast, onion and fresh tomatoes.  

We pack up the car with all the things for the beach that we need, as well as the fishing gear.  We head east towards town and enjoy the scenic drive.  Georgetown is close, only about a fifteen minute drive.  We bypass town and soon get to Chase’s favorite fishing spot, the Little Exuma bridge.

The amazing view we have while fishing at the Little Exuma bridge. 🐟🐟

Of course my reel is all siezed up and I can’t use it. Even though I maintain the equipment with oil and rinse off the saltwater after each use,  things rust and breakdown here in Bahamas (even though they are saltwater reels!)  As I’m rigging up some squid on Chase’s hook, and Heather sets up her lawn chair in the shade, the most amazing thing happens.  About 30 feet in front of us a massive spotted eagle ray flys out of the water!  We can’t believe our eyes!   It must have had a span of 6 feet!  And then five minutes later a second one jumps out of the water just in front of where we are fishing!  What a sight….

We fish for about an hour and a half and decide we need to hit a beach to swim.  We are close to Forbes Hill so we pack up and drive about 5 minutes.  We are the only ones on the beach when we set up our beach chairs.  This beach reminds me of a movie set, with its tall palm trees and white sand.  Chase and Heather head off in search of sea shells and I sit and enjoy a kalik.  

Setting up the beach chairs at Forbes Hill 😎

We even get a visit from what looks like the puppy of the dog that normally visits us.  He is so cute!!

Puppy visit

We start to get hungry and Chase begs us to go to Mom’s Bakery beside Santana’s for rum cake.  We can’t say no….as we were thinking the same thing.  Off we go, and pull up to the beach bar about 5 minutes later.  Heather and Chase go into the bakery to get the cake and I order drinks.  Some visiting kids play tag with a local little boy, who is still dressed in his school uniform.

Chase finally gets his cake..

Hard to believe Johnny Depp sat here several times while filming Pirates of the Caribbean!

The one and only Santana’s Grill Pit

It’s been a long day so we pack up to head back to the house.  We wish we had time to visit nearby Tropic of Cancer Beach, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Chase falls asleep on the drive.  We stop at Shop Rite in town and get a few more groceries.  

We unload the car and I rinse off the fishing gear in the outdoor shower.  I then take apart both fishing reels and oil them.  I manage to get the seized reel to work again.  This was a must do as Chase and I are going fishing with our neighbor Barry tomorrow at the bonefish flats!  I meet Heather for our evening walk on the beach.

Another great day as the sun sets at the beach

Chase helps me organize the fishing gear for the morning.  We have a great dinner and relax on the back deck.  Chase posts fishing pictures on instagram, I plug away at our blog, and Heather answers a Canuck Palms rental inquiry for next month on airbnb.  The weather has been perfect, and judging by the sunset it will be that way again tomorrow for fishing! 🌞🌞




A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms.  Sunday April 2nd, 2017.

We can’t wait to get to Cocoplum Beach!  We go for a walk on our beach and return to the house for breakfast.  Our neighbours gave us the best tomatoes that we have been having with our eggs every morning. After breakfast we pack up the car and head west.

Only ten minutes later we pull up to one of the best beaches in Exuma…. Cocoplum Beach 😍😍.

The view as we drive up to the beach.

I set up the hammocks and grab the cooler. Heather and Chase walk east on the beach towards the sandbar.  It’s quiet and we pretty much are the only ones here.  The day is magnificent.  

Chase starts the sand castle 

We spend the entire day at the beach.  Sailboats pass by and so does the time.  I sip away on a couple kalik and enjoy the sound of the waves.  As we stare at the blue water we both agree….Exuma is the prettiest place in the world. 

One of many sandollars at cocoplum.

We drive back to the house and rinse of in the outdoor shower.   We spend the night relaxing on the back deck listening to the waves.  Chase wants to fish tomorrow in Little Exuma and maybe go to Forbes Hill Beach.  Too many beaches and not enough time!  ☉☉


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms.  Saturday April 1st, 2017.

We enjoy the view once again over Elizabeth Harbour.  We aren’t happy about checking out from the resort, but are anxious to get to the house.  After breakfast Chase and Heather paddleboard in turtle lagoon and check out the sea turtles and barracuda. 

Turtle Lagoon

Chase sails for most of the morning in the harbour.  Heather packs up the villa and we get the luggage taken to the dock.  We explore the other beach out front of Higgin’s Landing.

Elizabeth Harbour

The Lumina Point boat drops us off at the Government dock where Airport Car Rental has left us a car.  We stop at the market to grab some groceries and head towards the house.  We arrive at the house about 20 minutes later.  I quickly grab a few photos of the house before we bring our luggage in.  

We run down the path to the beach.  It’s fairly calm with a light breeze.  We walk the entire beach and back searching for shells and going for a dip.  

We decide to grab pizza from up the road at the Emerald Bay Pub.   We order ahead of time and drive up to get it a half hour later.  We relax for the evening, doing some social media and watching a movie.   We are thinking about going to Cocoplum Beach tomorrow!! 🐚🐚


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canucks Palms.  Friday March 31st, 2017.

As usual when we are in Exuma we wake up early and have a coffee.  We sit on the porch and stare at all the different boats in the Harbour.  We head down to the restaurant and enjoy a continental breakfast overlooking turtle lagoon.  Chase wanders around the dock, getting a peak of the sea turtles, stingrays, and even a baby sand shark.

Chase hunts around Turtle Lagoon

We are excited to head around the corner to Chat n Chill this afternoon.  Chase sails around the harbour for an hour or so, and then we make our way to the beach bar.  It’s a perfect day.  Chase runs straight to the stingrays, grabbing some pieces of conch to feed them from the Conch Shack.

Feeding the famous stingrays!

We order a couple kalik and a juice for Chase, and relax under the trees.  It’s busy, but we have seen it busier…. especially during the Sunday pig roast.  Heather and I slip away for a few pictures.  Chase joins the beach volleyball game going on behind us.

Look!  A fish!

Beach volleyball 

Taking in the view

There are plenty of boats in the harbour, many of them here in anticipation of the upcoming Exuma Regatta in a couple weeks.  We stay for a couple hours then grab a quick boat ride back to the resort.  

Boater’s paradise….

Chase sails again and we order hamburgers and fries on the beach.  Today is warm with a light breeze.  For dinner I enjoy a glass of wine and pasta, and Heather has salad and a fancy drink.  

Dinner and drinks

We end the evening watching the sun go down over Stocking Island, then playing cards at the villa.  Looking forward to a great sleep, and can’t wait to get to Canuck Palms tomorrow! ☉☉


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

Thursday 30th of March, 2017

We step out of the airport and find the cab driver holding the Lumina Point Resort sign.  We are excited to stay a couple nights on Stocking Island, as we still have guests at Canuck Palms until Saturday.  The cab driver lets us stop at Smitty’s to grab some wine and kalik.  We meet the Lumina Point Resort boat at the government dock.

Short boat ride to Stocking Island

We settle into our one bedroom villa overlooking Elizabeth Harbour.  We have a beautiful view, and we can’t wait to get to the beach!

Finally at the beach

Chase is super excited as the resort has Hobi Cat sailboats.  Chase spent several weeks last summer obtaining his ICANSail and CANsail1 sailing certification in Ontario.  The Lumina Point staff can’t believe how well he does.  He sails all afternoon. 

Chase sailing the resort staff around.

As the sun sets we prepare to go for a quick dinner at the restaurant.   The resort is very quiet and there aren’t to many people.  Chase and his sailing is the talk of everyone we ran into this evening.  Should be a fun couple of days. 😎😎