A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

December 23rd, 2018

We have never been this long between visits to Exuma before. It’s been nine months since we last spent time at Canuck Palms. We had planned to come during the summer but found ourselves busy renovating our new adventure @canuckpines in Muskoka Ontario.

We arrive at Pearson Airport at around 6am in order to beat the holiday rush. We are excited to get away…. a time to decompress. As soon as I see the #ExumaBlue water my heart starts to beat a little slower. I’m finally back home. 🏠💙

“50 Shades of Blue”

Chase takes a video while he walks down the airplane steps to the tarmac. Apparently this will be uploaded to “YouTube” for all his followers to see. We make our way to Airport Car Rental to pick up our Toyota Corolla. We quickly pack our luggage and take off towards the house which is only about 8 minutes away. We make a quick stop at Tracy Bowe’s Convenience Store for the essentials…. milk, lettuce, cheese, bacon, water, juice, butter, kalik and coconut rum.

Home Sweet Home

The gardens are in full bloom

Chase and I do a quick video of the house for our Canuck Palms YouTube channel. He grabs his swimsuit and says “Meet you at the beach!”

I unpack the groceries and put some kalik in the fridge. Heather and I tour the house and enjoy the view of the freshly manicured gardens from the back deck. Herode does such an amazing job at keeping the gardens and landscaping looking spectacular.

Gardens by Herode…

We grab our swimsuits, beach chairs and a beer and follow the sound of the waves.

Missed this place!

Time for a Kalik!

We meet a family from Detroit that is staying next door at Exuma Beach Rental. Chase throws his new cast net and gets a couple small bonefish. He then spends some time jumping waves.

Chase using his cast net.

We spend about an hour down at the water then head back to the house. We rinse off in the outdoor shower and Heather makes Chase some pasta. Heather and I get ready and head out for a quick bite. We stop at Big D’s up the road, Paradise Bay, then finally stop at the Palapa Grill at Grand Isle Resort for dinner.

Tonight’s beautiful Exuma sunset

Dinner was great. Heather had pizza, and I enjoyed wings and salad. We arrive back home around 630. Heather unpacks while I add some posts on Instagram, Twitter, and facebook.

We relax on our big couch with a glass of wine and watch a christmas movie while I prepare our “A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms” wordpress blog. Heather reads all the amazing comments from our guests in the guest comments book. Love our guests!!

I’m thinking breakfast at Peace and Plenty tomorrow! 🍳🍽


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