“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 27th, 2018

A drink with a view, shopping in Georgetown, and a rainshower.

Heather and I head towards town to do some shopping for supplies and Chase stays back at the house. First we stop at AID Supplies and purchase some new dinnerware, some shelves, and a few other things. We stop at Shop Rite next in Georgetown and stock up on more coffee.

We make our way through town and park at the gas station next to the liquor store. We pick up a case of kalik light and some kalik “Radlers”. We walk up the steps to our insurance broker and pay our 2019 insurance fees.

Downtown Georgetown

Unfortunately, when we stop into Minn’s Water Sports they tell us that all the boats are rented until January 5th. We usually try and rent a boston whaler for a day or two. We browse the Sandpiper gift shop next door.

The Exuma Courthouse

Heather looks through the Exuma Straw Market then we head towards the Peace and Plenty Hotel for a drink.

Exuma Straw Market

Hand made items

Exuma Police boat 🚤

We enjoy a kalik and watch the boats go back and forth between Georgetown and Stocking Island. Hopefully we can get over to the island this trip as we love to spend time at Chat n Chill Beach Bar.

Drinks at Peace and Plenty Hotel

We walk the Government Dock and take in the view from the Regatta bleachers.

Regatta bleachers

We pick up Chase, grab a bite, and head out towards the West end. I grab a bottle of wine at Bristols Liquor Store at Emerald Bay and we stop at Flamingo Beach to swim and enjoy the sun. Chase skimboards and wave jumps.

Flamingo Beach

Someone is having a good time 😎

It starts to cloud over and rain so we pack up our things and drive back towards the house. We stop at Emerald Bay so Chase can fish again in the creek. He catches two fish!

The fisherman

It starts to rain heavy and we pack up quickly. We drop by Tracy Bowes Convenience store near the house for bacon, milk, cheese and snacks. When we get home Chase has a hot bath, Heather has a shower, and I make dinner….. steak, salad, and some leftovers from Christmas dinner.

We relax on the couch and enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of the ocean. Heather emails some upcoming guests and reads the 5 star review from our last guests from Florida.

Incredible Experience!! I have visited Exuma several times over the last 5 years but this was probably my best experience so far. We loved everything about the house and the location. We will be back to Canuck Palms!”

#LoveOurGuests 💙💙

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