“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 29th, 2018

After our coffee on the deck Heather and I make our way towards town. We stop at Darville Lumber to return some things, then stop by AID to pick up some supplies. We make our way through Georgetown and stop at the Exuma Market to get green pepper, black olives, avocado, and cucumber.

It’s just before noon and we stop into Augusta Bay Resort for a kalik and to use the wifi. Heather replies to a new rental inquiry and I take some pictures of the view and have a cold kalik.

Kalik and a view

We meet our friend Wade for a beer and sit on the dock and watch the boats leave the resort.

Augusta Bay Resort

We drive back towards the house just after 1pm. We stop at Prime Island Meats for cauliflower and ground beef. I drop Heather at home and drive around the corner to Coconut Grove Liquor Store for wine and Kalik, and grab sour cream and water from Tracy Bowes Convenience.

Chase and Heather go for a run on the beach and I pack up the beach bags to go to Emerald Bay. We drive up the road and arrive a couple minutes later. Chase takes his cast net and attempts to catch bait fish in the creek. We set up our beach chairs and run into our friends from across the street. We chat for a bit and discuss the Junkanoo tonight and maybe Chat n Chill tomorrow.

Chase and the Stand Up Paddleboard

We spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach under the beach umbrella. The breeze is perfect. Chase finds some new friends…. 3 local potcakesMaking friends

Making friends…

Around 430 I drop Heather at home while Chase keeps fishing. He’s caught a schoolmaster snapper and a ladyfish, and he refuses to leave as he keeps getting bites!

Nice fish!

Tonight we make taco bowls for dinner… so good! And to top the night off…Hockey Night in Canada on TV! We tune into our Toronto Maple Leafs versus the New York Islanders. Watching hockey in Exuma!! 🏒🏒

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