A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms.

Wednesday April 5th, 2017

Chase wants to swim with the turtles today at Hoopers Bay.  We head to towards town mid morning and arrive at the RBC Bank around 11am.  I grab some money from the bank machine and Heather and Chase stop in at the tourism office to get some 2017 Exuma visitor guides.  

I unload the SUP board and paddle from the car to take down to Hoopers Bay Beach.  We set up our beach chairs half way down the beach and Chase walks down the beach to see the turtles.  The water is perfect, so we inflate the red paddle SUP board to use for the day.  

Walking down the path to Hooper’s Bay

Chase and Heather paddle down towards the turtles and I walk the beach.  The water is calm.  A lonely catamaran floats in the bay which makes for a great picture.  

Swimming with the turtles 

Before we even get in the water the turtles surface.  Chase and Heather arrive on the SUP board and the sea turtles come to say hi.

What an experience with the turtles

Several fish swim around us including the algae fish that ride the turtles, snapper, and barJacks.   Chase gets his gopro out for great underwater pics! 

We spend the rest of the afternoon sitting on the beach and riding the SUP board.  The water is calm and we don’t want to leave.  

Beach time

We stay at Hooper’s Bay until almost five o’clock.  We deflate the SUP board and walk to the car.  What a day.  We can’t wait to get home and check out the turtle pics!  

We arrive home and unpack the car, hoping to have a walk on the beach and catch the last sunset of the trip.  Chase loads the pictures and video from today onto the laptop ….. amazing! It’s our last day tomorrow, the trip has gone so fast!  Tomorow will be a busy day, having to pack, fix the clothes line, repair portions of the fence, and add some new flavor grills to the BBQ.   Goodnight Exuma.. 🐢🐢

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