“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 26th, 2018

Sharks, bonefish flats and beach bars.

We pack up the car first thing after breakfast and head off towards Georgetown. We pass through town and drive to Master Harbour, where we turn right and head south to the other side of the island. We park at one of the dead ends and look out over the bonefish flats. Its #ExumaBlue as far as he eye can see!

Bonefish flats 🐟🐟

Chase sees some baby stingrays and snapper. Heather sees a huge sea turtle swim past. Chase and I fish near the mangroves hoping to catch the big one. Off in the distance we see some people bonefishing off one of the sandbars.

Mid morning we pack up and tour the shoreline back to town, stopping now and then to view the water. We have lunch at the Rusty Anchor at February Point Resort. We enjoy ceasar salad, hamburger, and mozzarella sticks.

Chase wants to go to one of his favorite fishing spots near Rolleville. We make the trip west past our house and get to his favorite spot just after 2pm. It’s beautiful. 💙💙

The most amazing sandbars

Chase grabs his fishing gear and heads towards his fishing hole hoping to find a shark or two. His first cast he lands a lemon shark!

Chase doing what he does best.

Heather strolls the sandbars as low tide arrives. She finds sea shells and starfish. I grab my fly rod and head off in search of bonefish.

Fly fishing

Beautiful day in Exuma

We spend the next hour or so fishing and exploring. I could stay out here for days. I hear Chase yelling in the distance…. “fish on!”

Chase with his 2nd shark of the day.

Just before 4 oclock we pack up and head back towards home. We stop at Big D’s Conch Shack for a kalik, and enjoy the Bahamian music. The beach bar is packed tonight. Chase takes his cast net down to the water and catches some more bait.


We stop at Emerald Bay so Chase can cast a few times in an attempt to catch the 20 pound tarpon. As the sun begins to set we arrive back at Canuck Palms. Chase and I walk to the beach. I attempt to catch the huge fish from last night as Chasel jumps in the huge waves.

Missed the big one again….

Big waves this evening

The path to the beach and a beautiful sunset

We end the night having leftovers from last nights turkey dinner….. amazing. Chase uploads his fishing videos to his YouTube fishing channel, and I add some posts to Canuck Palms social media. Heather takes some time to correspond with some upcoming guests that are excited about their stay.

What are the plans for tomorrow? Sometimes the best plans are no plans at all! 🌴😎

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