“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 25th 2018

Chase wakes me up way earlier than I want to get up. Apparently Santa has arrived and I need to get up and get started opening presents. I just want a coffee.

We relax on the couch while listening to Christmas music. Chase is so excited its ridiculous.

Santa came!

We get spoiled by Santa. We are so lucky to be in Exuma for Christmas. That’s the perfect gift for me. Chase unwraps some awesome gifts including an apple watch, a fishing rod and a new saltwater fishing reel!

Santa left his big bag of gifts

Merry Christmas!! 🎅🎅

I make steak and eggs for breakfast and we pack up for the beach. We spend the morning at Emerald Bay and Chase has some luck with his new rod and reel. Chase catches two tarpon and a grey snapper!

Big Catch!

Heather and I relax by the water and watch the waves roll in. Its a cloudy Christmas Day, but still warm and beautiful.

Emerald Bay

We pack up and head back to the house to get the turkey prepped and in the oven. We relax for a bit as it starts to rain. Mid afternoon Chase and I walk down to our beach to fish and swim. I get the biggest fish on that actually starts to pull me into the water towards the reef. Is it a huge bonefish?! Maybe its the barracuda that is always here. Or even a shark!? I will never know as it broke the line!

We arrive back at the house and enjoy an outdoor shower. I pour a glass of wine and check on the turkey. Some of our close friends are popping over for dinner around 6 o’clock.

Looking forward to turkey dinner

Guests arrive shortly after 6 and we enjoy music, stories and a few drinks. Dinner is perfect…. turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies, and zucchini.

Bacon covered turkey….

When our guests leave we relax on the couch and enjoy a Christmas movie. I spend some time writing the Canuck Palms blog and some posts on facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We all agree that we are stuffed from dinner and that we will sleep well tonight. Apparently Chase wants to fish for sharks in Rolleville tomorrow! 🦈🐟

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