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A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A day in the Life at Canuck Palms Sunday 20 December 2015


We are up early to travel to Pearson airport today, our flight leaves for Great Exuma Bahamas at 920 am.  This will be the first time that we have been away over Christmas.  Last year we were in Exuma over New Years which was amazing.  We arrive at the Park n Fly around 7am, and get to the airport in plenty of time.  Its busy, because of all the people traveling for the holidays the line ups are long.  But we are officially on vacation, so nothing can stress us out today!

We board the Air Canada flight around 9am, but due to the replacing of a filter on the aircraft we are asked to leave the plane and return a few hours later.  We finally get on our way just before 1pm.  I’m still not stressed, its Christmas, I’m not at work, and I’m heading the what they call the Maldives of the Western hemisphere…….Exuma!

In less than 3 hours we land in Exuma, amazing!  Its partly cloudy upon descent, so although the view of the water is still amazing, the clear blue water that the Exumas are known for isn’t like it usually is today.  We get off the plane and feel the warm air that we have missed.  We are through the tiny airport in no time grab the toyota rental car at Airport Car rental.

We leave the airport and five minutes later we get to the house.  We are so excited, we missed Exuma.  Chase runs ahead into the house to see if “Elfie” his Elf on a Shelf is here waiting.  No such luck.  The house looks great, Cynthia and her team do such an amazing job we are so lucky to have her around.  The grass in the yard is really growing well.  Herode planted the grass last year and has done a great job keeping the yard looking tidy for guests.

We first see a gift from our previous guests on the breakfast bar, A Bahamian 2016 Calendar… nice!  Our Aunt Deb, Uncle John and friends Dale and Janet have been down just before us.  We are so happy they were able to come down and experience the island.  It sounds like they all had a great time

Thank you for our calendar we love it!

Chase comes running out of the second bedroom with a large wooden lizard named Larry.  Another gift from our guests that most likely the hard working ladies at the straw market made.  It will look perfect in the house, very thoughtful.

Larry the Lizard

I spot a case of kalik beside the breakfast bar.  Maybe uncle John Left me a couple, which would be perfect since our little store by the house is closed now due to our delayed flight.  I read the note on the top….apparently this is one of a few empty cases of kalik this last trip!

One of many empty cases of kalik

We want to go check out the beach, so we throw on our bathing suits.  Chase is upset because there is no sign of Elfie yet.  I open up the fridge, hoping Christmas came early and that there may be a cold kalik in there.  And there it is!  A six pack of kalik, another great surprise.  But upon a closer inspection it appears its a five pack, and i see a note explaining that uncle John needed a kalik with breakfast!  We grab a couple and head down to the beach!

A nice cold 5 pack

Its windy today down at the beach, and the waves are big.  Chase cant wait to body surf.  We go for a walk down to the end of the beach and back.  I catch myself looking out into the ocean, sipping my kalik, smiling.  Its hard to believe we have a place here, its a dream come true.  Chase is so happy running up and down the beach, life is good.

We swim for a bit then head up and rinse off in the outdoor shower.  I make Heather a rum punch, and i make some pasta for dinner.  Chase puts out the tiny Christmas tree we brought and hangs the decorations.  Christmas in Exuma, I cant believe it!  After dinner Christmas Vacation is on tv, my favorite movie at Christmas time!  I have a drink on the couch and start my blog.  Having a drink, in Exuma, at Christmas, and watching the Griswalds…..amazing.

Christmas Vacation in Exuma!

This week is a busy one, so probably early to bed tonight.  We have the job of installing a whole house of windows, trim, and a few more things.  New windows will be such a great touch.

Stay tuned for the “A Day in The Life at Canuck Palms” blog for the next couple of weeks.  Looking forward to making more memories…..