“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 31st, 2019

Last day of 2019!

It’s also our last full day on the island! 😥 We have coffee and bagels for breakfast, and take a walk down at the beach. It’s a warm morning, and there isn’t as much breeze as we have had lately.

Path to the beach

Last walk on the beach for 2019

The gardens are blooming and there are several birds in the palm trees.

Flowers at Canuck Palms

Heather and I do some cleaning and other house maintenance. We finally get away from the house around noon to go to Flamingo Beach in nearby Steventon. It’s only about 5 minutes away. As usual with Exuma we are the only ones on the beach!

Packing up for the beach

Our view as we pull up to Flamingo Beach 😯

Chase goes fishing and Heather and I set up the beach chairs under a shady palm tree. We spot two hound fish in the water close to shore.

In search of the big one

One of our favorite beaches

We spend the majority of the afternoon in the sun and hanging out in the gin clear water. 💧💧

Around 3 pm we make our way to Emerald Bay. Chase casts his line in the creek after catching some bait fish with his cast net. We enjoy sitting under the beach umbrella and watching the waves.

Its definitely a jeep day

An another beach all to ourselves

Around 430 we pack up and drive back to the house. Unfortunately we have to prepare for our Bahamas Air flight in the morning. I cook lobster tails on the bbq for dinner, along with pasta and rice. We have a visit from one of our friends on the island. Chase gives him his Christmas gift…. a Toronto Raptors shirt! 🏀

We finally sit down at 10 pm after packing and getting organized. Oh ya… it’s new Years Eve! Yes we should be at one of the local beach bars for a New Years countdown, but we need to be up early and I haven’t even had my outdoor shower yet!

Happy New Years everyone!! Looking forward to another great year. Wishing everyone a peaceful and amazing 2020!


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 30th, 2019

Nachos and Drinks with a View of Elizabeth Harbour! 💙💧

As I sip on my coffee we get a visit from one of our friends. “Batman” is back, and spends about half an hour watching the gardens from the back fence. This lovely Yellow Crowned Night Heron visits us often. Our vacation home is very close to several bird sanctuaries.


We have to drive to Georgetown today to pay some of our bills. Chase wants to hang out at the house. I take the top off the jeep and Heather and I head out towards town.

It’s an absolutely perfect day, a light breeze and not a cloud in the sky. I pop into BTC to pay our WIFI bill, and Heather walks to the Bahamas Tourism Office to get some Exuma Visitors Guides for our guests. Afterwards we head off towards Exuma Beach Resort to have a drink at Latitudes Beach Bar. Unfortunately it’s closed! We have an idea……

We always love to drop into February Point Resort and have a drink by the pool at The Rusty Anchor. We head that way, just east of Georgetown. We arrive at the resort and grab a seat at the perfect table beside the pool, underneath a big palm tree.🌴

Lunch and another great view of Elizabeth Harbour 😍

We arrive back at Canuck Palms just after 130 and pick up Chase to go to Emerlad Bay. We load up the jeep with the cooler, beach chairs and the fishing gear. Off we go! We are the only ones on the beach as always.

I’m not leaving……

We spend the rest of the afternoon at Emerald Bay. It’s hard to believe this peace of paradise is seconds from the house!

As the sun sets we decide to drive to the Marina at Emerald Bay and the Greg Norman Golf Course. We make a quick stop at Bristols Liquor store, and drive through the gates towards Grand Isle Resort and the Marina.

Greg Norman Golf Course

This course is amazing!

The Bahamas “Great Exuma Classic” PGA web.com tour is here at The Emerlad Bay Golf Course mid January. What a fantastic event. We have been lucky to have PGA athletes stay at Canuck Palms while playing in this tournament in the recent years.

The sun sets behind the house. It’s always a beautiful sunset over top of the property’s palm trees. A glass of wine, outdoor shower, Jones of New York bath robes, and a perfect Exuma sunset ends the day. Just one last full day before we are off to Nassau! 😎


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms “

December 29th, 2019

Little Exuma here we come!

I honestly could sit on our back deck all day. A perfect breeze and the backyard palm trees and gardens makes it hard to get off my lounge chair. Heather and I spend some time having breakfast, and respond to Canuck Palms inquiries.

Chase gets his fishing gear packed up. I take the top down on the jeep, it’s the perfect sunny day for it! ☀️ Heather finishes up some laundry, and we leave the house around 10 am. A quick stop at Smitty’s Convenience Store for water and drinks, and we are on our way to Little Exuma.

It’s a Jeep kinda day!!

Our first stop is at the new Blu On The Water Restaurant and Bar just after Master Harbour. Although it’s not open we have to go check out the view. We certainly weren’t disappointed!

Blu On The Water

Wow 💙💧

Our next stop is the Little Exuma bridge in The Ferry. This is Chase’s favorite fishing location. Last year he got spooled by a huge shark. This year he has his new heavy duty rod and real along with 65 lb test line.

Fishing at the bridge

We see a couple needlenose fish but that’s about it. Our shark from last year doesn’t appear to be be around today. We pack up and make our way over the bridge to beautiful Little Exuma. We stop at the beach access for Pretty Molly Bay, walk the beach and take some pictures. Amazing!

Pretty Molly Bay

We always make a stop at Forbes Hill Beach, it’s a must. Heather walks to the East in search of sea shells, Chase throws his cast net in an attempt to catch bait, and I set up the beach chairs.

Forbes Hill


Chase and I walk the edge of the water around to the other side of the bay. We always say this place feels like a movie set.

We stay for about an hour, then drive to Williamstown past Santana’s Grill Pit which is closed today. On our way back Chase wants to look one more time at the bridge to see if his shark has returned.

Heather and I want to grab a drink at Big D’s Conch Bar. We drop Chase at the house, unpack the jeep, and drive three miles up the road to Steventon. We order burgers, and of course kalik and a Goombay Smash.

Drinks and the perfect view!

What an end to a great day. Little Exuma is always a worthwhile drive, its beaches are magnificent. And to think we never made it to one of the top ten beaches in the world…. Tropic of Cancer Beach!! ☀️


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 28th, 2019

Always hard to leave Exuma!

We wake up this morning and have our morning coffee on the deck. There’s an amazing breeze. Brian and Tanya are unfortunately packing for their trip back home. Their Air Canada flight leaves Exuma around 2:50 this afternoon.

We make the best of the morning. The kids wave jump for a couple hours down at the beach. This is the biggest we have seen the waves all week!

Amazing morning at the beach! 🌊

After lunch we drive everyone to the airport which is only about 8 minutes away. We top up the gas in the rental truck because we are switching the GMC Yukon out for a Jeep Wrangler!!

I drop everyone off at the airport and drive across the street to Airport Car Rental. I meet them at Kermit’s Lounge for a kalik as they wait for their flight. ✈

As we wait we bump into our friend and realtor Janet who is flying back to Toronto as well. We say goodbye to our family as they walk through security around 1:45. What a fantastic week with family here for Christmas! Hopefully they can come back to Exuma soon. 💙

Heather and I drive towards town and stop at AID for house supplies. We pick up new dinner forks and glasses and other household supplies. It starts to pour rain as we arrive home to see Chase, who is sick on the couch with a high fever. Chase has been sleeping most of the day. I promise to take him fishing if he feels better. I unload the rental Jeep and notice the most amazing rainbow appear over the ocean!

Magnificent rainbow 🌈

As the sun is setting Chase wants to fish. We pack up the jeep and drive around the corner to one of the inland lakes. We don’t have a lot of time before we lose daylight. Chase gets a few bites using his bait that he caught with his casting net. We want to try this place tomorrow when we have more time.

I make pasta dinner for everyone as Heather answers some Canuck Palms rental inquiries. After a few loads of laundry and some social media posts we finally settle down with Chase to watch a movie. We open up all the windows to enjoy the fresh breeze and listen to the ocean.

Tomorrow is a new day. Heather and I want to drive to little Exuma and maybe stop to check out the new Blu Restaurant on the way. Chase has his heart set on fishing at the Little Exuma bridge in The Ferry! Whatever we do tomorrow it will be a great time! 🐟🍹


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 27th, 2019

It’s Friyayyyyyy!

We have a big day planned, but first we need breakfast. We want to show everyone Grand Isle Resort, so we decide to drive up the road for breakfast. We are hoping the clouds hold off today as we may go to Chat N Chill this afternoon.

Chase runs to try and find his friend Emmerson that works at the resort. We grab a table close to the pool. Emmerson stops by to say hi, it’s great to see him! Chase has grown up on the island and has known Emmerson for a long time.

Our breakfast view

The boys run down and check out the beach. We can see the waves crashing on shore across Emerald Bay near our place.

Emerald Bay

We arrive back at the house and pack our beach bags for Stocking Island. Hopefully the rain passes before we get to town. One stop we have to make is the “Sandpiper” store to exchange some clothing. I park at the regatta bleachers and we walk over.

We jump on the 1230 water taxi from the Government Dock and make our way across Elizabeth Harbour towards Chat N Chill.

Exuma Police Boat

Taking in the view 😎

On the way we stop and help a boat that has been stranded by the low tide at Hamburger Beach. We then arrive at Chat N Chill. Heather and I set up our beach chairs and head to the bar for a drink.


Chat N Chill

The kids jump on the water and play with the stingrays. Chase is on the lagoon side using his cast net to catch bait for the stingrays. It’s crowded today, but not as crowded as we see it most of the time.

The famous Conch Shack

We sit for the entire afternoon. The kids play in the water and on the rope swings. Chase helps some little kids catch minnows in the cast net. We order burgers and fries and take in the sun. It turned out to be a perfect day.

We jump on the 4 o’clock water taxi back to the mainland. We drop off some people at Augusta Bay Resort first, and arrive back at the Government Dock a short time later. The kids can’t wait to get back to the house and wave jump!

Wave jumping at Canuck Palms

We end the evening down at the beach. The kids play in the water, and we have a kalik while we relax in the beach chairs. As the sun disappears I have my usual outdoor shower with a glass of wine. We have pasta and turkey leftovers for dinner. That day went so fast!!

Tomorrow afternoon our family leaves for home. Their time here went so fast! It was great that we were able to experience Stocking Island with them today! 🌴


“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 26th, 2019

Boxing Day!

Everyone is up early this morning in order to catch the van that will take them to Baraterre. From Baraterre they will join the Exuma Water Sports boat and take the amazing tour up the Exuma Cays. The half day tour includes seeing the Swimming Pigs, Iguanas, starfish, the blowhole, snorkeling, and visiting beautiful secluded beaches.

One of the tour pick up locations is the Exuma Palms Hotel, which is super convenient as it is just a couple minutes away from our house. We drop everyone off just before 8 am. Leroy is the van driver who will take them to the docks in Baraterre.

Chase makes pancakes and I make leftover turkey with potatoes and eggs. We plan on taking Chase fishing today in Rolleville while we wait to pick up everyone in Baraterre after their tour. We arrive is Rolleville around 11am, just as the tide is going out. Love this place!!

Absolutely stunning!

Ready to fish with all his new gear

Heather does her favorite thing and walks way off shore along the sandbars. She sees several beautiful seastars. Chase grabs his rod and reel and takes off around the corner to his favorite fishing location. I start fly fishing out past the first sand bar in hopes of landing a bonefish!

Chase gets a small lemon shark on his first cast but it ends up taking his bait. We see other small sharks, and a few large bonefish in the area. Around 1245 I pack up and make the drive around the bay to Baraterre to pick everyone up.

Everyone had a blast on the swimming pig tour. It was so much fun seeing the pigs on Big Major Cay. We make our way back to join Heather and Chase at the beach. There are even more sandbars now, as far as the eye can see!

Sandbars forever 💙💧

Chase had a great time fishing while I was gone. He caught a small lemon shark! As always Chase “catches and releases” any sharks that he catches while fishing.

Chase catches a lemon shark and releases it back to the ocean.

One of the magnificent churches in Rolleville

We are all hungry for lunch so we pack up our gear and drive to close by Exuma Point Resort. We enjoy a couple “Goombay Smash”, Exuma’s specialty drink of choice. We also order chicken, macaroni and cheese, and grouper fingers! Brian sees the biggest shark off the end of the dock! Of course Chase runs to the truck to get his baitfish to feed the shark. There ends up being three huge lemon sharks!

Huge lemon sharks devour the baitfish

The kids are anxious to wave jump back at our beach near the house. We get back around 4pm and off they go! Heather and I meet Tanya and the kids down at the water with our beach chairs and a cold kalik. They are loving the big waves!

Wave jumpin’

Everyone has Christmas leftovers for dinner. I have an outdoor shower and a glass of wine as the sun sets behind the palm trees in the back yard. What an amazing day! Tomorrow is our family’s last full day in Exuma so we are trying to plan something awesome. Decisions decisions. Do we go to Little Exuma and visit Santana’s Grill and Tropic of Cancer Beach? Or do we take the water taxi over to the popular Chat N Chill Beach Bar? 🌴☀️😎


“A Day in the life at Canuck Palms”

Its Christmas in Exuma!!

Well it looks like Santa did arrive in Exuma! Christmas presents and stockings are found underneath our little Christmas tree. The adults relax with a coffee on the back deck while we wait for the kids to wake up.

Merry Christmas!!

Santa is good to us as always. Heather gets a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure, Chase gets a vlogging camera for his YouTube videos, and I get Motley Crue tickets! Chase is also surprised with a “Trainer for a Day” at the Atlantis Resort. He will be able to assist the marine trainers with feeding and tending to all the marine life at the resort. He is super excited!

After breakfast we enjoy our beach for the rest of the morning. The weather is perfect. Chase and I snorkel the large reef and see dozens of colorful fish, including parrot fish, grouper and angel fish. The kids enjoy wave jumping!

Santa sighting at Canuck Palms!

Meet Santa’s Kalik Reindeer….. “Mango” “Cran” and “Lager”

Around noon Heather and I walk back to the house and prepare the 20 lb turkey for the oven. I stuff the skin with garlic butter and place a bacon weave over the top.

We pack up the truck and spend the afternoon at nearby Emerald Bay. Being so close to the house allows me to slip back to the house periodically to baste the turkey. It’s a perfect day at the beach.

Emerald Bay 💙💧

Chase and his new vlogging camera

The turkey smells amazing! We prepare mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn and salad. The turkey is finally done just after 6 pm. 🦃

Done to perfection!

We relax for the rest of the night at the house. The kids watch a Christmas movie, and I catch up on some Canuck Palms social media. Brian, Tanya and the kids book a half day tour for tomorrow to see the famous “Swimming Pigs” of Exuma. Chase still has to decide where he wants to fish tomorrow. Will it be the “Ferry” bridge, or Rolleville!? 🐟🐟