A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

We spend the morning at the beach and around the house.  We plan on taking Cynthia out for lunch today to thank her for all her hard work keeping our house so clean and our guests happy.  As we pack up to head to Grand Isle Resort, Herode arrives with new palm trees to replace the ones that we lost during the storm.  Gloria and Chase relax at the house and Heather and I head to our lunch meeting.

We arrive at the Palapa Grill just before one o’clock.  We order a Kalik and a Kalik Radler and Cynthia arrives a few minutes later.  We have a wonderful lunch and enjoy the view of the pool and Emerald Bay.  We drop back to the house and pick up Chase and Gloria to go to the Beach.

We aren’t long getting to Flamingo Beach as it is so close to the house.  Gloria sits under the pine trees, and i swim with Chase as he snorkels his way to the far tip of the bay.  He returns with several sand dollars, starfish and sea urchins.  The water is crystal clear.

treasure hunter

We relax at the beach for a couple hours.  We head back to the house and Heather makes fresh pizza with the pizza shells we bought from Prime Island Meats.  After dinner we pack up the fishing gear and drive around the corner to 3 Sisters Rock.  There is a beautiful rainbow that makes for some great pictures.

Fishing at 3 Sisters Rock
3 Sisters Beach

Chase almost lands a big one but again we head home empty handed. Heather and I have a beer and watch the sun start to dip below the palm trees.  We hurry home to catch the sunset from the back deck of the house…..always spectacular!


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms…

After our morning run and breakfast we get a call from Hedy who has a home in Tar Bay.  One of our contractors told her to give us a call so she could have a look at our newly installed windows.  Our contractor was impressed at how they installed, and told her they were great quality.  We arrange to drop by her house mid morning on the way to town.

We stop at Hedy’s house just after 10 am.  She wants to replace all her windows so she is very interested in how we managed getting the windows here from Home Depot in Florida.  As we talked, Chase explored around the house.  He was very focused on catching the curly tailed lizard that he saw in the palm trees.  Hedy invites Chase back anytime to visit the lizard.

We decide to go to the Rusty Anchor at February Point for lunch.  The last two times we have been on the island the food there was fantastic.  There is lots going on at the resort, new ownership has sparked new construction.  The new restaurant and pool area is remarkable.


February Point

The resort isn’t busy at all, we have the place basically all to ourselves.  We order a Kalik, a margarita, and a rum punch.  The food was great again, we ate a chicken ceasar wrap, a grouper sandwich, and a beet salad.  Chase leaves to snorkel in the infinity pool while we relax under the umbrella by the pool.

infinity pool

We don’t want to leave, we are enjoying sitting around the pool and watching the sailboats go by.  We drive back through Georgetown and stop at the beach at Moss Town.  The water at this beach is the most magnificent blue and it amazes us every time we drive by.

Moss Town

We drop Gloria off at the house and slip up the road to Flamingo Beach in Steventon.  We enjoy a swim for a couple hours and lounge in the shallow water.  Again we are the only ones on the beach.  We arrive home just after 5 o’clock to meet Hedy.  She can’t believe how good the windows look, and love that they are tinted and hurricane proof.  Max comes by to caulk the new windows inside and out.  We are so happy that we spent the time and money installing the new windows.  What a difference!

We have pasta for dinner and relax.  Chase and I watch the NHL playoff game while I type my travel blog.  The days are going by so fast!  Chase is begging to go snorkel somewhere tomorrow so we have that to look forward to.  One week is not long enough here in Exuma!




A Day in the life at Canuck Palms….

We head down to the beach for our morning run, the weather is beautiful today.  After our run we head back to the house, and I make breakfast for everyone…..steak and eggs, with hashbrowns.  Our friend Herode drops over and is so excited to see us, especially Chase.  Herode looks after our gardens and landscaping and does an amazing job.  He plans on replacing a couple palm trees this week that we had lost in some high winds.

After breakfast we pack up for the beach.  We are heading to the stunning Emerald Bay, which is so close to the house.  We set up our beach chairs just down from the straw market on the beach.  Its nice to see “Bahama Mama” again.  She shares some of her stories as we look over her Exuma items for sale.  We have the perfect spot underneath the pine trees, with a view of Emerald Bay, Sandals, and Grand Isle Resort.

Emerald Bay and Sandals


Emerald Bay

Chase heads out to snorkel, hoping to find the sea turtle that we saw last time here.  Heather and I lounge in the water with a Kalik, and Gloria sips on a Kalik Radler in her beach chair.  We are in no rush to leave here today.







We pack up mid afternoon and head just down the road to the house to change into some dry clothes.  Chase wants to visit his friend Emmerson who works at Grand Isle resort.  We will head there for lunch and to show Gloria the resort.  We have been fortunate to get to know Emmerson and the staff at the resort over the last few years.  We arrive to see Roger, Emmerson and several others around the restaurant and pool.  Chase takes off with Emmerson down to the beach.  We have an amazing lunch at Palapa Grill….pizza, artichoke and spinach dip, and a shrimp salad.  After lunch Chase heads out to snorkel the reef.  He returns with a new friend an hour later, seeing barracuda, Nassau grouper, and several other species of fish.  We arrive back at the house a couple hours later.

Every store on the island is out of squid, which is a bit of a dilemma for Chase and I as that’s what we use for bait for fishing.  We gather up our gear and stroll down to our beach around five o’clock.  We try fishing with some leftover scraps, get a few bites but no luck.  We hoped to land a bonefish or two so we could use them for bait.  Will try again tomorrow.  We end the day with a swim in the warm water, and head back to the house for an outdoor shower.  We end the night with a late dinner and watching some tv.  Early to bed as we will be up early again to head to another beach for the day!


A Day in the Life at canuck Palms….

We wake up early as always when we are in Exuma, around 7am.  We enjoy a nice coffee on the back deck, listen to the waves, and watch the hummingbirds in the palm trees.  Heather and I head down to the beach to our “open air” gym as we like to call it.  We walk the length of the beach six times to warm up, then run the beach a few times followed by swimming.  Running in the sand is a great workout and we hope to continue this every morning while we are here.  The water this morning is calm.

We return to the house and have a rinse off in the outdoor shower.  Everyone gets ready and we head towards town.  We arrive just after 9 to Augusta Bay, one of our favorite breakfast spots.  We usually save Augusta Bay for mid trip, but we were excited to treat Gloria to breakfast there, and Chase was craving their pancakes.  We enjoyed the meat lovers omelette, scrambled eggs and ham, pancakes, and an egg sandwich.  Chase spent most of the time trying to net fish off the dock.  We also spoke with the staff at Augusta Bay about the water taxi to Chat n Chill.  We were happy to learn that our guests can ask for the taxi to pick them up at the front desk.  Guests can take the water taxi to Stocking Island for the day and enjoy petting the stingrays, playing beach volleyball, eating fresh conch and more.

We leave Augusta Bay and head to the Exuma Market in Georgetown.  We grab some basics for the next few days like eggs, bread, juice, lettuce etc.  We stop to get some water at Exuma Building Supplies and then pop in at our favorite deli Prime island Meats in Hoopers Bay.  Ron and Dale help us with fresh pizza shells, new york strip steaks, and a few other things for our bbq dinner tonight.  We arrive back at the house around noon and drop off the groceries.  Its time to hit the beach!

We pack the car with all the essentials….beach tent, chairs, snorkel gear, skim board, SUP board, and of course a cooler of Kalik.  We head west and about ten minutes later we are pulling up to one of the best beaches on the island….Coco Plum Beach!  Gloria is frantically trying to find her camera as we park.  The blue water through the pine trees is always spectacular.  The water is calm as it normally is, and shallow.

Coco Plum Beach

The sandbar is the main attraction here, stretching for what seems like for miles.  I set up our hammocks in the trees and a couple of beach chairs on the sandbar.  Chase and Heather take off to the end of the bay where endless sand dollars cans always be found.  About an hour later they return with sand dollars, starfish, and other shells.  We spend most of the afternoon at Coco Plum.  We are the only ones there.  Heather and I joke that we used to go away to other islands where we would fight for a spot on the beach.  Not Exuma….it’s what we love about this Bahamas out island.

Walk to the end of the beach for sand dollars

We drive up the road to Rolleville to show Gloria the beautiful churches in town.  We stop to see our friends Violet and Kevin at the Shoreline Restaurant and have some French fries and Kalik.  The view from shoreline is stunning.


Enjoying the view

We arrive back at the house and I get dinner started.  We have bbq steak, rice and potato and watch the sun set off the back deck.  In the evening we simply relax after a long day at the beach.  I do some social media for the business and Chase watches his favorite television show Animal Planet.  Looking forward to tomorrow and what beach we will end up at.



A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms…

Well it’s that time again for the Canuck Palms blog.  We are happy and super excited to be back to our second home Exuma again.  We jumped on the plane in Toronto and in 3 hours we landed back in paradise.  We missed that “Exuma Blue”


always love the view from the plane look at that water!

I ran over to Airport Car rental and grabbed the Corolla.   This week we have Heather’s mom Gloria with us, and its her first time experiencing Exuma!  The 5 minute car ride from the airport to the house is always a plus.  We arrive as Cynthia and her crew just finish cleaning the house….its spotless!  It’s so nice to arrive to the house looking fantastic.  Heather and i slip to Tracy Bowes Convenience Store for the basics….butter, milk, water, cheese, fruit punch, orange and pineapple juice.

As always we throw our swimsuits on and cant wait to run to the beach.  We are excited to show Gloria how beautiful the beach and the water is.  Chase runs ahead and quickly lets us know that there are no waves and the water is perfect!  As we approach I’m speechless as always….the water is calm and i cant wait to snorkel that reef!


Chase and i go spear fishing in the reef while the ladies have a cold kalik at the water’s edge.  We saw Nassau grouper, parrot fish and snapper…..amazing.  We spend about an hour exploring the reef and then headed back to the house.  Later Heather and I head back down to the beach with a cooler of kalik.  We have a beer while wading in the clear blue water, then walk the entire beach.  It’s a perfect day in Exuma….as always.

Max stopped by to say high and joined us for pasta dinner.  Max did a fantastic job painting around all of our new windows we just had put in last month.  We are so happy with how the windows turned out.  Max heads out and Heather and i walk the property to check out the flower beds and palm trees.  Herode has done a great job keeping the grounds looking picture perfect.  We are so glad to be back to our second home Exuma.

We end the night lounging on the couch and catching up on our social media.  I missed lounging around in my bath robe.  Tomorrow we plan on heading into town and having breakfast at Augusta Bay, then grabbing some things at Price Right in Georgetown.  I have a feeling we will be heading to our favorite beach after that…..Cocoplum Beach!