A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms…

Well it’s that time again for the Canuck Palms blog.  We are happy and super excited to be back to our second home Exuma again.  We jumped on the plane in Toronto and in 3 hours we landed back in paradise.  We missed that “Exuma Blue”


always love the view from the plane look at that water!

I ran over to Airport Car rental and grabbed the Corolla.   This week we have Heather’s mom Gloria with us, and its her first time experiencing Exuma!  The 5 minute car ride from the airport to the house is always a plus.  We arrive as Cynthia and her crew just finish cleaning the house….its spotless!  It’s so nice to arrive to the house looking fantastic.  Heather and i slip to Tracy Bowes Convenience Store for the basics….butter, milk, water, cheese, fruit punch, orange and pineapple juice.

As always we throw our swimsuits on and cant wait to run to the beach.  We are excited to show Gloria how beautiful the beach and the water is.  Chase runs ahead and quickly lets us know that there are no waves and the water is perfect!  As we approach I’m speechless as always….the water is calm and i cant wait to snorkel that reef!


Chase and i go spear fishing in the reef while the ladies have a cold kalik at the water’s edge.  We saw Nassau grouper, parrot fish and snapper…..amazing.  We spend about an hour exploring the reef and then headed back to the house.  Later Heather and I head back down to the beach with a cooler of kalik.  We have a beer while wading in the clear blue water, then walk the entire beach.  It’s a perfect day in Exuma….as always.

Max stopped by to say high and joined us for pasta dinner.  Max did a fantastic job painting around all of our new windows we just had put in last month.  We are so happy with how the windows turned out.  Max heads out and Heather and i walk the property to check out the flower beds and palm trees.  Herode has done a great job keeping the grounds looking picture perfect.  We are so glad to be back to our second home Exuma.

We end the night lounging on the couch and catching up on our social media.  I missed lounging around in my bath robe.  Tomorrow we plan on heading into town and having breakfast at Augusta Bay, then grabbing some things at Price Right in Georgetown.  I have a feeling we will be heading to our favorite beach after that…..Cocoplum Beach!







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