A Day in the life at Canuck Palms

Our last full day in Exuma 😭😭 

04 Jan 2018

After breakfast I get right to work on finishing the front door trim.   I cut and install the interior trim and then head to Darvilles for more finishing nails and caulking.  Heather starts to get some of our bags packed.

On the way back from Darvilles I stop and put gas in the rental car.  The gas station is just west of the airport is perfect for topping up fuel before returning the rental car. 

The new BTC office in Farmers Hill just before the turn to Canuck Palms

When I get home Heather is busy preparing for lunch.  Cynthia our property manager is dropping by for fajitas around noon.  I keep working on the door, installing the door sweep and the exterior 1×4 trim.  As I start doing some touch up paint on the trim,  Glen our electrician stops in to say hi   Glen hopes to come see us in February when he travels to Ontario.  He also wants one of our Canuck Palms T Shirts next time we come to the island!  😎

Cynthia arrives and we enjoy a great lunch.  The first thing Heather and I say as she leaves is how fortunate we are to have met Cynthia and are glad she is a part of Canuck Palms.  Chase is dying to go fishing at Emerald Bay.  We get the car packed and I finish some painting.   Heather confirmes a VRBO booking for the end of March, and has to say no to another booking for the same time.  We arrive at Emerald Bay around 3pm.  

Emerald Bay

Chase fishing with his new friend Trevor from Farmers Hill

Heather and I watch the boys fish and take in the view of Emerald Bay for the last time this trip.  Chase and Trevor are having a great time and Chase doesn’t want to leave.  We offer to drive Trevor home, so we throw his bike in the trunk.  We drop him off at his house, and Chase gives Trevor his fishing rod to keep.  Hopefully Chase can hang out with Trevor every time we come to the island.  Such a nice boy.  

Chase and his buddy Trevor 

We arrive home around 530 pm, and we start to pack up the house.  I finish off one last coat of paint and caulking on the door and put all my tools away.

Door complete πŸ”¨πŸ”¨

We spend most of the night packing up and getting ready for the morning.  It’s always a challenge finishing off the food. …dinner was battered pickles, scalloped potatoes and kalik.

The last rum punch

Sad to see the trip come to an end.  I can’t complain….it’s been amazing.   The weather was perfect and I had a full two weeks of beaches and sunshine.  Chase….. I enjoyed running from beach to beach while you fished and explored the island.  Heather….. you are the best travel partner anyone could have.  You are so organized and always book our flights and get us where we need to be.  I’m lucky to have you and we always have the best vacations.  Definitely looking forward to out next adventure together. ❀❀

Good night Exuma….. until next time 😍

Goodnight Exuma


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

Big D’s Conch Spot to end the day 

03 Dec 2017

After breakfast Heather and I jump in the car and head to Georgetown.  We first stop into BTC and pay the WiFi bill, and finish off in town paying our house insurance.  On the way back home we stop at Darville Lumber to pick up 1 x 4 exterior trim and colonial interior trim.  

We get home and I get started on the door trim.  I put the first coat of primer on the new door jams and both sets of trim.  Heather and Chase pack up and head off to nearby Emerald Bay Beach.

Our pet tree frog watches me while I work 🐸🐸

By the time Heather and Chase get home I’ve completed three coats of paint on the trim and door frame and I’m just waiting for it to dry.  Our property manager Cynthia drops by to see us, and she opens her Christmas gift.  We are very lucky to have her.  Cynthia’s cleaning staff is great and most of our reviews talk about how clean the house is.  

Chase makes a new friend at Emerald Bay

We make arrangements to take some of the people that help us at the house out for dinner to Big D’s Conch Spot in Steventon.  We arrive around 6 pm and enjoy hamburgers, chicken fingers and fresh conch.  The staff is great and super friendly.  Aaron our server is the best we have had on the island this trip. 

Another perfect Exuma sunset

As I go to pay, Big D tells us that his visa machine isn’t working…… which happens now and then on the island.   Luckily there is a bank machine down the road at Emerald Bay Marina.   We slip to the ATM and return to pay the bill, even though Big D said to come back tomorrow.

We arrive home just after 9 pm and get ready for bed.  Hard to believe we have to start packing tomorrow!  Seeing pictures from our friends at home of all the snow is making us not want to even think about leaving! β„πŸŒ¬


A Day in the Life at Canucks Palms

A day of renovations πŸ”¨πŸ”¨

2 January 2018

We have a cup of coffee and then I make bacon and eggs for everyone.  Wade is coming this morning to help me replace the frame for the front door.  While I wait I putter and do some odds jobs…..hang a new curtain rod, fix some curtain tie backs, and rearrange some solar lighting.  Heather answeres an @airbnb inquiry and Chase watches fishing videos on YouTube.   

Chase and I go grab a coconut off one of the trees in the back yard.  I cut the the top off  coconut and we drink some fresh coconut water.  I poor the rest of the water into a container and put it in the fridge.   I cut some fresh coconut and eat it…..it’s amazing!   I may need to add rum to the coconut water later. πŸ˜‰

Coconuts are ready.

Wade arrives and we get busy ripping 2×8 pressure treated boards for the door frame. Heather takes off in the car to do some grocery shopping.   Wade and I spend the rest of the afternoon building the frame while Chase catches geckos in the yard.

Chase and another pet gecko

Hard at work.

Heather gets back from town with a new kitchen mat from AID, pizza shells, taco sauce, pizza sauce and hamburger from Smittys,  lemon and pino colada radlers from the liquor store, and ham, bacon, milk and shredded cheese from nearby Tracy Bowes Convenience Store.   

Cold kaliks

Wade agrees to stay for dinner and Heather makes a couple fresh pizzas in the oven.  Wade and I have a couple kaliks as we pack up the tools.  Over dinner Heather shows Wade pictures from back home.  Wade still can’t believe the snow, or that we play hockey on frozen water πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

After dinner I fix a couple hooks in the bedroom that we use to hang the bath robes.  We put on a movie and I start on the blog.  Tomorrow is another busy day…… I’m hoping to finish the door with interior and exterior trim.  The work is never done at Canuck Palms! 


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Lazy Day at Canuck Palms

01 January 2018

The first thing I notice when I go to put on my robe in the morning is “Elfie”.  Our “Elf on a Shelf” seems way too comfortable here in the Bahamas and is refusing to return to the North Pole!  I’m forced to find a different robe. 

Elfie is way too comfy

Heather and I relax in the lounge chairs on the back deck.  I’m enjoying my book.  I respond to some followers on instagram and twitter in between chapters.  The gardens are looking great in the backyard and are filled with birds and butterflys.  

Gardens in full bloom. 🌺🌼🌹🌴

I make Chase pancakes, Heather an egg and toast, and myself  leftover hamburger and eggs.   After breakfast I read a few more chapters of my book, and we decide to stay at our own beach today.  We walk down and the water is fairly calm, a perfeat day to snorkel the handful of awesome reefs just off the beach.  

Relaxing in the beach tent 

Chase and I snorkel the reefs for about an hour, seeing so many colourful fish including parrot fish, Nassau grouper and snapper.  We also run into a medium sized barracuda who swims by twice to check us out.  We walk back the length of the beach and Heather has set up the beach tent so we can sit out of the sun.  She also has a cooler of cold kalik on ice! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


We stay at the beach all afternoon and watch several boats pass by off in the distance.  We see the mega yacht “Bella” leave the area of Emerald Bay Marina heading east out into the ocean.  

Heather makes us a fantastic dinner….  rice, pasta and garden salad.  As the sun sets and the full moon rises, Heather and I do our “walk about” around the outside of the house.  The palm trees have grown so much since we bought the house.  The gardens are remarkable thanks to Herode our landscaper.  The house is spotless thanks to Cynthia and her cleaning staff.  We worked very hard to make Canuck Palms the way it is today….. all new furniture shipped from Nassau, new paint, a yard full of grass, brand new hurricane windows shipped from Florida, new appliances….. and much more.  It’s truly hard to believe.

We relax and watch a movie before bed.  Tomorrow Wade is coming over to do some maintenance on the front door.  I’ve got several things to do at the house including fixing some pickets on the fence and fixing the hooks holding up the clothes line.  Always something to do.  Happy problems….. 🍹🍹


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

New Years in Exuma….. French fries, beers and a Goombay Smash 😎

31 Dec 2017

It’s the last beach day of 2017…… hard to believe.  The question is…… which beach do we go to today?   Chase wants to stay at our beach or go to Rolleville, we are leaning towards Cocoplum. 

We do our morning walk on the beach after our coffee.  It looks like another perfect day.  We get back to the house and I make breakfast while Heather cleans the windows.  I make Chase pancakes, Heather a toasted tomato sandwich,  and me left over potato and lobster.  

We head out from the house around 1130 am.  Cocoplum Beach it is!   We time it so we arrive around low tide.  We set up the beach umbrella and Heather and Chase head out to explore the world famous sandbars in search of sandollars.

The breathtaking Cocoplum Beach πŸ˜ƒ

Heather and Chase paddle over the sandbars on the SUP board.  I relax and read a book under the beach umbrella.

Enjoying my book πŸ“–πŸ“–

Stand Up Paddleboard across the sandbars πŸ„πŸ„

We hang out at the beach all day.  Chase takes pictures with his geckos that he brought from the house for a photo shoot.   

Have you seen my gecko?

As the sun sets we drive back towards the house, pulling into Big D’s Conch Spot.  The music is playing and a handful of people are on the beach.  Big D is busy making fresh conch salad.  We order a Kalik Cranberry Radler and a Goombay Smash.  

Taking in the view

Chase joins in a football game with some kids on the beach.  We order some french fries and relax listening to the Bahamian music.

Football on the beach 🏈🏈

Before we go Chase goes for a run down to the end of the beach and back, and finishes off with some push ups at the waters edge. One last swim and we are on our way home.  

I gather the clothes off the line and have an outdoor shower with a glass of wine and a view of the moon.  I’ve been looking forward to this all day!  

The sunset tonight is beautiful 😍😍.   This perfect sunset marks the end of a great 2017.  We relax on the couch with a drink and have pasta salad for dinner.   We watch Ryan Seacrest New Years party on TV #RockInEve and wonder if we will make it to midnight…..

Happy New Year everyone!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„