A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 28 December 2015

We are excited to head to one of our favorite beaches on the island today…..Cocoplum Beach!  Cocoplum is close to the house, about 10 minutes to the west.  We head towards town to pick up supplies, but because the boat came in Saturday the island has made boxing day today instead.  All the stores in town are closed.  We stop at our favorite breakfast place Augusta Bay just west of Georgetown.  We have a fantastic breakfast, and Chase hangs out in the water catching minnows.  After breakfast we drive back towards the house and stop at Prime Island Meats.  We grab some black angus steaks, potatoes and onion for dinner.

Water Taxi to Stocking Island

We stop at Emerald Bay first, Chase wants to see if his friend Nathan from Indiana is there.  No luck.  We continue to Cocoplum and arrive just before 1pm.  Chase runs onto the beach and down to the sandbar.  Amazing, out of all of the beaches on Great Exuma Chase finds his friend here, and we see them walking back towards us together.  It’s great that Chase has found a buddy to play with.  We set up our beach chairs under a couple pine trees and crack a kalik.

Another Kalik at Cocoplum

Chase and Nathan grab the skim board and head out to the waves.  The water is perfect and they skim board for over an hour.  Heather heads down to the sandbar to collect sand dollars and whatever other shells she can find.  I simply relax in my beach chair with a kalik….staring at the clear blue water.

Chase and Nathan Skimboarding

Chase and Nathan then decide to fly the kite that Chase was given at the Junkanoo.  They have a blast….flying a kite on Cocoplum Beach in Exuma how cool is that!  The pictures turn out great.

Chase with his Kite from Junkanoo


We get back to the house and I’m excited to cook the steaks.  We have a great dinner with corn, steak, rice and potatoes.  The wifi is acting up so unfortunately i wasn’t able to do our blog.  And then the power went out, so we crack out the candles and flashlights.  White wine, UNO, and candlelight is how we spend the next couple hours.  Not a bad night at all….



A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 27 December 2015

Today we are excited to head to Chat n Chill on Stocking island for the Pig Roast.  We Get to the government dock about 1030 and its already hard to find a parking spot for the water taxi.  We jump in the water taxi just in time a head towards Stocking Island, about a 10 minute boat ride.  Elizabeth Harbour is buzzing with dozens of beautiful catamarans, sailboats and yachts.  We always wonder what famous person is out there in the harbour when we see all the big boats.  Is it Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill, David Copperfield, Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage?  They all have homes here!

Chase pets the Stingrays


The water taxi is full, I’ve never seen so many people on it.  The boat pulls up to the dock behind Chat n Chill in Turtle Bay.  12 dollars a person for a return trip, not bad.  Before we walk around the point Chase is out in the water petting the stingrays.  Petting the rays and feeding them conch is a favorite thing to do while here on the island.  We get lots of great pics.

Famous Chat n Chill Sign


We find a picnic table and sit facing the harbour.  Boats and dingys are starting to pull up to shore for the pig roast.  We grab a couple kaliks and watch Chase play with the stingrays.  People flock to the conch shack for fresh conch salad….its so good!  The three of us take in a couple games of UNO while we wait for lunch.  Chase runs off to walk the tight rope and play on the rope swing with some other kids.  A short while later we find Chase playing beach volleyball with a group of adults lol.  He is doing so great its fun to watch.  I decide to join him in a couple games, on the opposite team of course.  My knee hurts, everything aches, and Chase heckles me from the other side of the court!

Chase having a blast playing Volleyball

We have a great lunch and jump in the water to cool off.  Chase has made a new friend Nathan from Indiana, and they get along great playing frisbee.  We catch the water taxi back to the government dock around 3 o’clock.  Chase gets to sit with Nathan and I have a nice chat with his dad.  The boys want to get together this week to play in the waves.  It turns out they are staying in a place out near our house at Three Sisters Rock.  We stop at the Hoopers Bay Reserve to take some pictures from the lookout.  We have never walked up to the lookout before, the view is spectacular!

View from the Reserve at Hoopers Bay



We get home around 430 and head down to the beach to skim board and go for a walk.  The waves are strong but not as strong as they have been earlier this trip.  Chase and I throw the football around in the water and Heather relaxes on shore in a beach chair.

I make left over turkey sandwiches for dinner and some pasta for Chase.  After dinner we chill out and I blog about the Junkanoo the night before.  We are tired from another great day in the sun.  We crawl into bed around 930 and sleep like a baby.




Boxing Day at Canuck Palms

Boxing day in Exuma Bahamas!  26 December 2015

We do our usual walk of the beach this morning.  Its partly cloudy today but still a perfect temperature.  When we get back to the house and Herode and his brother have arrived and are starting pruning the trees and working on the flower beds.  We are excited that Herode is going to cut the grass today for the first time!   Herode planted plugs of grass all over the property about a year ago, and its finally grown together and is looking like a lawn!  Our palm trees have shot up so tall!  The house has really come together thanks to Herode, Max, and several others.

We pack up and head to the beach access near Exuma Palms Resort just around the corner.  We have never checked this access out and we are curious about it since its so close.  We pull up the car, the beach sign is overgrown with vines and shrubs.  We walk up the unkept path and over the hill…..what a sight!  We had no idea this was here…the beach is so wide, secluded, and long.  There is even a well built shelter to sit under with an amazing view of 3 Sisters Rock.  We will definitely be coming here more often.  We walk the beach west towards our house and see some of our neighbors homes from the water.  It starts to rain so we return to our car and head up to Emerald Bay.  We swim at Emerald Bay for an hour or so and then the rain starts again.  Back to the house we go.


Beach Access near 3 Sisters Rock!

Herode and his brother are still working away on the landscaping.  The palm trees are all pruned making them look even taller.  Heather and I start to take down the lattice around the old car port making it look so much better.  We want to start using it as a pergola to sit under.  The grass looks great all cut and trimmed!

Our neighbors Barry and Donna arrive from Boston, its great to see them.  Chase runs over to see them right away.  We chat with them for bit and they suggest we head in to Georgetown tonight for the Junkanoo.  We finish the pergola then head in for left over turkey for dinner.

We leave for town around 715, and when we arrive its already getting hard to find a parking spot.  The Christmas lights in town are beautiful, especially the ones around the palm trees.  We park near the RBC and walk to the main street.  Its busy, i bet most of the island is here.  Little kids walk the streets in their junkanoo costumes.  I grab  a coconut rum and coke and we watch the kids dance for prizes at the bandstand.  Chase gets a Christmas present given to him by one of the organizers….he’s so happy.  We wait for the junkanoo to start and we bump into our friend Emmerson who works at Grand Isle Resort.  We have become close friends with him, and got to know him well when we used to stay at the resort.  He’s so good with the kids!

Chase finds Emmerson!




Junkanoo starts and what an amazing show it was!  The costumes were just beautiful to see.  There are hundreds of people here to watch.  We bump into Wade one of our contractors, Ron from Prime Island Meats, and of course our neighbors Barry and Donna who were heading to Two Turtles.  We stay for another hour then make our way back to the car.  We arrive home around 930, it feels like its midnight.  We have a drink and play a couple games of UNO with Chase.  Bedtime soon….looks like Chat n Chill for the pig roast tomorrow!




Christmas Day at Canuck Palms!

Christmas Day at Canuck Palms! 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas from Exuma!  Chase wakes me up by pulling my arm and dragging me out of bed at 6am. Apparently Santa came last night….and Santa and his reindeer also ate the cookies and carrots that were left out by Chase on the breakfast bar.   How did Santa find us in Exuma!??

Xmas tree in Bahamas

We open up presents for the next hour or so.  Santa has spoiled Chase once again.  Our big gift this year was simply being away for a couple of weeks in Exuma.  Chase gets an amazing drone from his Nana that comes with a camera!  He also gets a helicopter and a star wars X Wing Fighter…..thankfully Santa brought some batteries!

We go for our walk on the beach, hard to believe we are here Christmas morning.  The waves are crashing to shore today, and Chase and I wave jump for a while.  We enjoy a big bacon and egg breakfast at the house and start to plan turkey dinner with our friends Max and Herode.

We pack up and head to Emerald Bay, only two minutes away!  We hadn’t been to Emerald Bay since we stayed at Grand isle Resort last.  The water is calm, and we run into the large family that is staying at Calypso House.  Chase has a blast playing with all the kids in the water.  Around 130 I jump in the car and head back to the house to put the 12 lb turkey in the oven.

Beautiful Emerald Bay with Grand Isle in the Background

We get back to the house around 330…..the turkey smells terrific.  We lay down and have a nice nap for an hour, and Chase falls asleep in front of the tv on the couch.  We then prep for our guests who are coming around 6.  We make rice, stuffing, turkey, potatoes, and a few other little things.  Max is the first to show up just after 6, and Herode and his friend come by around 7.  We enjoy a few kaliks and chat about the neighborhood.  Herode and is friend were late arriving because they were at Pat’s house for a Christmas Party.  Pat owns Four C’s  Adventures, a boat excursion that we have enjoyed in the past to go see the Swimming Pigs, Thunderball Grotto and Compass Cay.  Chase plays his new Uno card game with Herode and his friend….so much fun!


Turkey Dinner

Everyone leaves around 830, and we enjoy a relaxing rest of the evening watching another Christmas movie.  What a fantasic Christmas day at our second home Exuma.  Thanks to Herode and Max for all the hard work you do at our house.


Herode and Max open their Xmas Gifts




A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve in the Bahamas!  So exciting!  We wake up to find Elf on the Shelf “Elfie” drinking a coffee and into Mom’s famous rum cake!  This Elf is driving me crazy!  We are up around 7am again…..i could have slept all day.


Flowers are blooming in our garden

We head down to the beach with a coffee.  Chase runs on the beach and then we all go for a swim and jump in the waves.  We meet guests that are staying at Calypso house right on the beach.  They are visiting from Germany, there are 12 of them here for a few weeks.  Chase introduces himself to Tom their 6 year old boy.  The family seems to be enjoying themselves so far.  We give them directions to Coco Plum Beach……a perfect place for young kids.

We make eggs and bacon for breakfast and dive into Mom’s rum cake again.  We jump in the car and head to town.  We stop and grab some groceries at the Exuma Market.  Chase and I walk the docks at the Exuma Yacht Club and see a big sea turtle.  On the drive home we stop at Smitty’s for beer, rum and wine, and finally pick up our turkey at Prime Island Meats.  Ron just baked fresh cookies so i get 6 for Santa.  We get back to the house around noon, and see we have a visitor out front of our driveway…..

A new visitor today

We are excited to get to Coco Plum beach.  By one o’clock we are on our way and by 115 we pull up to the beach.  Always such a sight when we see that blue water through the pine trees.  We have timed it perfect…its low tide!  Now time to search for sand dollars and starfish!

Coco Plum Beach

We walk to the right down the beach to the large sand bar.  Heather and Chase walk out hundreds of feet never any deeper than their ankles….it’s so amazing.  I set up a beach chair on the sand bar, and sip on a kalik watching Chase find sand dollars.

One of many starfish today
doesn’t get better than this
Coco Plum beach one of our favorites

Chase enjoys some time skim boarding for a while and then we throw the football around.  The weather is perfect today.  We see two kite surfers off in the distance over near Shoreline Restaurant.  Kite surfing is something we would love to try some day.  We pack up around 330 and head back towards home.  Its Christmas Eve!

Chase and I head down to the beach at the house.  Heather makes pasta for dinner while we are at the beach swimming.  Chase and I walk the beach then wave jump for almost an hour.  We head back and rinse off in the outdoor shower.  Dinner is great and we relax on the couch after….watching a Christmas movie and following Santa tracker on the internet.  Santa is in Santa Cruz right now…..in the Canary Islands.  Chase is hoping he finds us in Exuma.  We are certainly enjoying our first Christmas in Exuma.  We wish all our family and friends back home a very special Christmas…time to put out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for his reindeer!



A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 23 December 2015

We are excited to take a tour to the tip of Little Exuma today!  Our mission is to explore some beaches that we have never seen before.  We wake up around 7am and head down to our beach with a coffee.  The sun is already warm and the beach is beautiful.  Chase runs the entire beach and back and finishes with 10 push ups at the waters edge.  We head back to the house, make breakfast, and i make a call to have the wifi line checked later today.

Around ten o’clock we jump in the car and head towards Little Exuma.  We take the back way along Breakwater Drive from our place.  We love that drive, passing a few houses we looked at buying in the past before we bought this one.  We love the community we are in, our neighbors are great.

We stop at the bridge at Little Exuma so Chase can jump out and try and see the big fish that he tried to catch last trip.  There is a man fly fishing in the flats just on the other side of the bridge, it looks so relaxing……and I didn’t bring my new fly fishing gear because I thought i would be too busy putting in windows!  Chase runs back to the car and says he saw a huge barracuda by the bridge.

We continue our journey and stop in Forbes Hill to check out the beach.  All of those times we have drove past here to go to Tropic of Cancer Beach and Santana’s and we have never stopped here.  OMG we cant believe it as we drive up……why haven’t we been here before!!

Beach at Forbes Hill

The sand is so soft, its calm, and the large pine trees provide some needed shade.  We cannot believe we haven’t been here before….we rate it right up there with Coco Plum Beach.  We set up three beach chairs in total seclusion….and run into the water.

Tire Swing on the beach
Sand is like powder

We stay for a couple of hours and pack up to head to Santana’s.  Chase is so mad….he wants to spend the whole day here snorkeling and SUP boarding.  We collect some shells to make jewellery with before we go, and i find the perfect old glass bottle to use as a decoration at the house.

On the way to Santana’s in William Town we make a stop at the Salt Beacon.  This massive concrete structure would mark where the ships would come from sea to get the sea salt from the salt ponds.  People would use this salt to preserve meats and fish.

Salt Beacon in Williams Town

We get to Santana’s and Chase runs down to the beach to see the sharks.  Two of them are nearby and Chase throws in some lobster scraps to chum the water.  I of course belly up to the bar and order a coconut rum and some lobster! I know why Johnny Depp loved this place so much while filming Pirates of the Caribbean!  We see the couple we met at Houseman’s Restaurant yesterday, who are from Manchester and own a place on Tar Bay.

Famous Lobster at Santana’s

Chase ends up feeding 5 sharks…..sand sharks and black tipped sharks.  So awesome to watch!  I of course watched from the bar…..  Heather and Chase head next door to Mom’s Bakery for the best rum cake in the island.  Mom remembers Heather and Chase from other visits, and they talk about her recent eye surgery she had to have in Nassau.  Mom is 84 years young.

Santana’s Johnny Depp’s Favorite Hangout

We jump in the car and explore to the tip of Little Exuma.  We then travel back to the house while eating rum cake the whole way.  Its so good!  We get back to the house and see Herode working away on the yard at Barry’s house.  We unpack then walk down to the beach for a last swim.  We walk the beach and Chase catches sand crabs.  We run in for a swim and wave jump for a while….refreshing!  We leave the beach and walk Breakwater Drive west checking out the view.  We love it here.  We end the evening with an outdoor shower, and relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine.  What an amazing day….we loved Forbes Hill Beach!


A Day In the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 22 December 2015

We wake up early and take our coffee to the beach.  Heather and I walk to the end of the beach and back, and we are met by Chase running down the sand bank wanting to go swim.  He was fast asleep when we left the house, and we had left him a note to say we had gone for our morning walk.  Chase decides to go for a run to the end of the beach…..trying to stay in shape for hockey when he gets home.  His team has a major tournament out near Niagara Falls when we return in two weeks.  We find a nice bottle washed up on shore and decide to keep it since the colour of the bottle matches the blue decor of our house.

I cook a big breakfast……bacon and eggs.  We pack up the car after we eat…snorkel equipment, SUP board, beach tent, and beach chairs.  We travel to town to grab a few things.  Heather shops at Shop Rite and the Exuma market.  I stop at BTC to check on our wifi bill, and stop at RBC bank to go over some things with our account.  I meet Heather and Chase at Redboones cafe beside the Exuma Market.  We have a nice cold Kalik use the wifi to check some emails.

Chase checking a few emails
A kalik at Redboone Cafe

We take the groceries back home and Chase wants to go back down towards Georgetown and check out the sea turtles at Hoopers Bay.  We make a quick lunch…..bagels and  left over pizza.  We pack a cooler and head back towards town.  The view walking the path to Hoopers Bay is breathtaking today.  The water is so many different shades of blue.

Swimming with Sea Turtles

We walk to the end of Hoopers Bay beach, set up our beach chairs, and go for a swim.  The water is amazing today, the perfect temperature.  We swim with 3 sea turtles, it was so amazing.  This is a must do when here!!

Chase at Hoopers Bay

We hang out in our beach chairs, have a kalik or two, and swim for another hour or so.  We pack up and head back towards the house.  We decide to stop for a drink at Houseman’s in Mount Thompson close to the house and Three Sisters Rock.  What a view!  Hard to believe we have never stopped here and its two minutes away.  We meet a wonderful couple who have a home on Tar Bay.  They suggest we try to go to the Christmas Festival on Christmas Eve at the Goverment dock in Georgetown.  Several live bands will be here performing into the evening and it sounds like something we don’t want to miss.

Enjoying the view
Houseman’s Beach bar


We get back to the house and rinse off in the outdoor shower.  I fire up the bbq and make hot dogs and salad for dinner.  Another great day!  We finally got to meet the sea turtles!  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!


A Day In the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms December 21 2015

I slept like a baby last night, no stress, no crowded malls, no traffic, just the sound of the waves.  We woke up around 7am, and Chase was so excited to see his “Elf on a Shelf” Elfie had come to visit and was sitting beside the Christmas tree.  We have a quick coffee and we head down to walk the beach, our favorite thing to do in the mornings.

Elfie arrives in Exuma!

We jump in the car and head towards town.  Around 10am we stop at Augusta Bay for breakfast….our treat every time we are in Exuma.  Chase had his favorite pancakes, and i had my meat lovers omelet.  Chase Went out by the pool to catch geckos.  We made some calls about our window order which was supposed to be here on the island by now.

We drop by the water company to pay our bill when we get to town.  We then head past the market and stop at Top to Bottom.  Chase wants to buy some fishing hooks and see what else is there.  I head to customs nearby to sort out the window order.  We end up at Tropical Accents and Gifts to wish owner Cleopatra a happy birthday.  She has an amazing store with so many beautiful things….home decor and clothes!  We then head up to Seacor shipping to try and sort out the issue with our window order!

Apparently our window order is still stuck at the packaging place in Florida….an obvious mistake between home depot and the shipping company.  As far as we knew our windows and other building supplies were  here two weeks ago.  We received a partial order…..cement board trim, screws, paint, a new kitchen faucet, door handles, and exterior solar rope lighting and spot lights.  Its frustrating, but not much we can do about it.  We stop in to see Ron at Prime Island Meats.  We make sure our Christmas turkey is still ordered, and pick up pizza shells, ham, bread, milk, and a few other things.

We arrive home and unpack some of our cargo.  Our friend Shorne drops over and installs the new kitchen faucet.  It looks great!  We meet up with Wade to discuss the window issue, and decide we need to go for a walk on a nice beach somewhere.  Heather and i put up the rope lighting around the new coconut trees.  We jump in the car and head back towards the airport to find a secluded beach!


The new kitchen faucet

We head back towards the airport and stop at Jimmy Hill to enjoy a walk on the beach.  We haven’t been on this beach for a few years, since we stayed here with friends of ours in 2011.  The beach is beautiful, long, wide, and not a soul in sight.  We then head back west and end up at Flamingo Beach in Steventon for a final swim.  Heather and i walk the length of the beach down towards “Big D’s”   The water is fantastic….a great end to a busy day.  We head back and stop at Bristol’s Liquor store for white wine and kalik.  We then stop at Bowes Convenience store for pizza sauce and mix for our rum punch.

To our surprise when we arrive back at the house,  Elfie our Elf on a Shelf has taken one of my kaliks and is bear hugging it on top of the fridge.  I was hoping to have the cold kalik upon getting back to the house but i guess it will have to wait!


Elfie stole my cold Kalik!

I rinse off in the outdoor shower, while Chase runs around and catches geckos.  Heather and i make fresh pizzas and enjoy a glass of white wine at the breakfast bar.  Its been a long day but we at least got a few things crossed of the list.  We end the day relaxing on the couch and planning our next days adventures……its looking like Coco Plum Beach!




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A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A day in the Life at Canuck Palms Sunday 20 December 2015


We are up early to travel to Pearson airport today, our flight leaves for Great Exuma Bahamas at 920 am.  This will be the first time that we have been away over Christmas.  Last year we were in Exuma over New Years which was amazing.  We arrive at the Park n Fly around 7am, and get to the airport in plenty of time.  Its busy, because of all the people traveling for the holidays the line ups are long.  But we are officially on vacation, so nothing can stress us out today!

We board the Air Canada flight around 9am, but due to the replacing of a filter on the aircraft we are asked to leave the plane and return a few hours later.  We finally get on our way just before 1pm.  I’m still not stressed, its Christmas, I’m not at work, and I’m heading the what they call the Maldives of the Western hemisphere…….Exuma!

In less than 3 hours we land in Exuma, amazing!  Its partly cloudy upon descent, so although the view of the water is still amazing, the clear blue water that the Exumas are known for isn’t like it usually is today.  We get off the plane and feel the warm air that we have missed.  We are through the tiny airport in no time grab the toyota rental car at Airport Car rental.

We leave the airport and five minutes later we get to the house.  We are so excited, we missed Exuma.  Chase runs ahead into the house to see if “Elfie” his Elf on a Shelf is here waiting.  No such luck.  The house looks great, Cynthia and her team do such an amazing job we are so lucky to have her around.  The grass in the yard is really growing well.  Herode planted the grass last year and has done a great job keeping the yard looking tidy for guests.

We first see a gift from our previous guests on the breakfast bar, A Bahamian 2016 Calendar…..so nice!  Our Aunt Deb, Uncle John and friends Dale and Janet have been down just before us.  We are so happy they were able to come down and experience the island.  It sounds like they all had a great time

Thank you for our calendar we love it!

Chase comes running out of the second bedroom with a large wooden lizard named Larry.  Another gift from our guests that most likely the hard working ladies at the straw market made.  It will look perfect in the house, very thoughtful.

Larry the Lizard

I spot a case of kalik beside the breakfast bar.  Maybe uncle John Left me a couple, which would be perfect since our little store by the house is closed now due to our delayed flight.  I read the note on the top….apparently this is one of a few empty cases of kalik this last trip!

One of many empty cases of kalik

We want to go check out the beach, so we throw on our bathing suits.  Chase is upset because there is no sign of Elfie yet.  I open up the fridge, hoping Christmas came early and that there may be a cold kalik in there.  And there it is!  A six pack of kalik, another great surprise.  But upon a closer inspection it appears its a five pack, and i see a note explaining that uncle John needed a kalik with breakfast!  We grab a couple and head down to the beach!

A nice cold 5 pack

Its windy today down at the beach, and the waves are big.  Chase cant wait to body surf.  We go for a walk down to the end of the beach and back.  I catch myself looking out into the ocean, sipping my kalik, smiling.  Its hard to believe we have a place here, its a dream come true.  Chase is so happy running up and down the beach, life is good.

We swim for a bit then head up and rinse off in the outdoor shower.  I make Heather a rum punch, and i make some pasta for dinner.  Chase puts out the tiny Christmas tree we brought and hangs the decorations.  Christmas in Exuma, I cant believe it!  After dinner Christmas Vacation is on tv, my favorite movie at Christmas time!  I have a drink on the couch and start my blog.  Having a drink, in Exuma, at Christmas, and watching the Griswalds…..amazing.

Christmas Vacation in Exuma!

This week is a busy one, so probably early to bed tonight.  We have the job of installing a whole house of windows, trim, and a few more things.  New windows will be such a great touch.

Stay tuned for the “A Day in The Life at Canuck Palms” blog for the next couple of weeks.  Looking forward to making more memories…..