“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 23rd, 2019

Family Arrives!!

After breakfast Airport Car Rental drops off our Yukon at the house. We need the room for family, a vehicle that seats 7. Chase and I drive into Farmers Hill and “Top Up” the island cell phone. I make a call to BTC to see if they can pop by to get the wifi up and running.

Our rental for the week

Heather and I drive to town and do some running around before everything is closed for the holidays. We stop at AID and pick up some more kitchen plates and light bulbs. We pop into Exuma Building Supplies and refill our jug of water, and purchase a new blender! 🍹🍹

We always make time for a drink at Club Peace and Plenty in Georgetown. We stop and have a kalik and take in the view of Elizabeth Harbour.

Club Peace and Plenty

We can tell the wifi is working now because Chase is sending us messages from the house wondering when we are getting home! On the drive back we grab some more groceries at Prime Island Deli, and pick up a pizza next door at “Mike’s Pizza Plus.”

After a late lunch we slide up to Emerlad Bay and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Chase fishes in the creek and tries to catch another monster tarpon. We soon head back to the house and get ready to pick up Brian, Tanya and the kids from the airport.

Ready to battle the tarpon

Our friendly frog makes another visit.

We arrive at Moss Town Airport and wait for their Bahamas Air flight to arrive.

Excited to see the family

Everyone jumps into the Yukon and we drive back towards the house. They can’t believe how quickly we get there. We relax with a drink on the back deck and everyone gets settled. We try and decide what we should do tomorrow. So many choices! Cocoplum Beach? Chat N Chill? Santana’s Beach Bar?