A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 30 December 2015

This morning we relax on the back deck with our coffees and listen to the waves.  We head into Georgetown for a few things before noon.  I run into Doe Boi and check on our washer and dryer parts that are being flown here from Miami.  We grab a kalik at the Red Boone Cafe and check some emails with the wifi.  Heather runs into the Exuma Market for a handful of groceries.

We arrive home and quickly grab our things to head to Emerald Bay up the road.  Heather wants to get there and check out the tiny straw market that is set up on the beach.  Chase and I toss the football in the shallow water and Heather chats with the ladies at the market.

Chase with the Ladies at the Market
Chase talks Fishing with the Boys

Heather introduces me to everyone, and we purchase a few gifts.  The queen and king conch shells are beautiful, and so are all the handmade baskets, hats a jewellery.  “Bahama Mama” gives Chase a necklace with a surfboard and shark’s tooth on it, as well as a colorful bracelet.  They all treated us so well! Then Chase talks for quite a while with the two young Grand kids.  They discuss deep sea fishing and Chase tells his story of catching a huge needlenose fish last trip.


We arrive home just before dinner and Chase’s new friend Nathan has invited him down for a swim at his house.  We drive down Breakwater Drive and visit our new friends Chris and Emily and their kids Nathan and Olive.  We have a wonderful time sitting in from of their place on the beach, having a few kalik, and watching the kids swim until dark.  They are a wonderful family and we look forward to keeping in touch.  We even make plans to have them over for drinks and go out for dinner before the end of the trip!

We get back to the house and I bbq fresh hamburgers from Prime Island Meats.  It was another amazing day in Exuma.  Tomorrow we are going to try and go to Hoopers Bay to feed the sea turtles!!








A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms  29 December 2015


We are excited that we are getting more palm and coconut trees planted at the house today.  The last hurricane damaged a couple of our new trees and it will be nice to replace them.  We head towards town and have another great breakfast at Augusta Bay.  Chase plays with Michael who is staying on a catamaran, who he met a few days earlier playing volleyball at Chat n Chill.

Coffee on the Water at Augusta Bay

On the way home we stop at AID for paint primer, and a few things for the kitchen.  We also stop at Smitty’s for clothes pins and then Darvilles for stain to do the pergola.  We get home and we see Herode and his brother with a whole load of new palm trees for the house!  We are so excited and can’t wait to see them planted.

New Palms Tress have Arrived!

We drive to Cocoplum Beach to relax for the day.  The kite boarders are out from Exuma Kite Surfing, skimming across the tops of the sandbars.  We stay for the entire afternoon.  The weather is perfect, Chase fly’s his kite and walks with Heather hundreds of feet out on the sandbar to collect more shells.  I walk the other way and find a great sea urchin for the collection at the house.

The Amazing Cocoplum Beach

We arrive home and Chase’s new friend from Indiana has called to invite us down to hang out at their place.  Chase is so pumped!  We grab a cooler and Chase grabs his skim board and we drive a short distance down the street to their place.  Nathan and his family have rented a two storey house on Three Sisters Beach.  We arrive and get a tour of the house, then head down to the beach to watch the kids swim.  The boys enjoy crashing in the waves.  Dark comes early and we head back home and make a big pasta dinner.  Today was another fantastic day on Exuma, can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!