A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

Was nice to stay at our own beach today. šŸ˜Ž 

29 Dec 2017

We plan to hang around the house this morning because Wade is popping over to have a look at the front door that we want fixed.   Heather and I have a coffee and head down to the beach as the sun rises.  We do our morning walk, 6 lengths of the beach.  It’s a beautiful morning, the water is fairly calm, and we think it would be a good day to stay at the house today.  

Perfect morning for a walk on the beach

I make eggs and bacon for everyone and we relax on the back deck.  Wade still hasn’t arrived, and it starts to rain.  The rain usually  doesnt last very long, and will be good for the grass and gardens.  

After the rain Chase runs down to check the beach.  He calls us on the “Cobra” 2 way radio and says it’s calm and the waves aren’t too big.  We pack up the beach umbrella and of course a cooler of drinks and the fishing equipment.   The power goes out at the house, a perfect time to head down to the water.  We set up our beach umbrella and chairs and head in for a swim.  

A great day to stay at our beach 

Chase and I start to get our fishing rods ready when I see Wade show up.  Chase and Heather build a sand castle.  Wade and I drink a kalik and then head up to the house to look at the door frame that we need replace.   I head back down after Wade leaves and fish for about an hour, while Chase and Heather jump in the waves.  

Our beach all to ourselves

We return to the house around 4 o’clock.  All three of us have a rinse in the outdoor shower. Heather and I jump in the car and head to Emerald Bay just two minutes up the road.  We stop into the Emerald Bay Pub and Grill to order pizza but unfortunately it’s closed down for now.  I take the opportunity to slip next door to Bristols Liquor Store to get scotch, Sands Radlers,  and red wine.

We stop at Tracy Bowes Convenience Store for onion, cheese, milk, yogurt, pasta, juice, pancake mix and bacon.  We drop the groceries off at the house and decide to check out Club Yolo for take out. We pull into Club Yolo at Exuma Palms Hotel a couple miles down the road.  We order three banquet burgers to go, and have a kalik and a rum punch while we wait.  We sit outside on the patio furniture and take in the view of Three Sisters Rock.

We sit at our breakfast bar and eat our burgers…. the are fantastic.  We relax on the couch and watch a Jackie Chan movie.  Tomorrow is a big day…. we have a boat rented from Minns Water Sports!  I can’t wait to explore Elizabeth Harbour and the secluded cays!

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