A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

“Stingrays, Sea biscuits, Sailboats and Secluded Beaches! 

30 Dec 2017

Chase wakes up well before us and is excited to get to Georgetown, as we have rented a boat for the day.  Heather responds to an inquiry on the website as we get ready to go.  We pack our bags, have a coffee and a quick bite to eat.  We leave the house around 820 am, only to turn around shortly after because we forgot the fishing bait in the freezer!

We arrive at Minns Water Sports at 840 am.  We load up boat number 11 with all our gear, a 17 foot Boston Whaler with a 70 hp motor.  With all the gear (fishing gear, sup board, cooler of drinks, snorkel equipment, beach chair and towels)  we should have rented a 19 foot!

Shortly after 9 am we are on our way out to Elizabeth Harbour.  Low tide is set to be around 1115 am, so we decide not to go around the back of Crab Cay.  We head straight for the West end of Stocking Island, close to Hamburger Beach.  The day is looking perfect.  There is a huge yacht in the harbour as we approach a secluded beach.  Just as we slow down the boat Chase sees a big red sea star and jumps in.

Chase finds his first sea star of the day!

Captain Chase

We set up our breach chairs on a deserted beach all to ourselves.  We see a huge stingray float by.  Heather explores the length of the beach while Chase and I fly fish.

We would love to stay all day.  The water is perfect and we have the beach to ourselves.  Heather takes me down to the end of the beach to show me a little bar area that some of the people on the sailboats must have built.

Chase is anxious to go to sandollar beach at low tide.  On numerous occasions we have found sea biscuits on the edge of the sand bar.   We pack up the boat and Chase drives us towards Chat and Chill and Lumina Point.

Private Exuma beaches 😍😍

We pull the boat up to the sandbar at Sandollar Beach….. it’s perfect timing.  Chase tosses the anchor and Heather jumps off the boat.  She is excited to walk the sandbar and search for starfish and sandollars, one of her favorite things to do.  I turn the key to start the boat to move it closer to the sandbar….and the key breaks!  😲😲

Heather and Chase are going to be awhile anyway so I’m not too worried.  I use our island cell phone to call Minns and let them know where we are.  It could be worse.  I’m sitting with an amazing view at 12 o’clock on a Saturday on a sandbar in the Bahamas.  I cast a line into the water off the back off the boat and Crack a kalik.   I actually come up with a song……

 ” Da boat Don’t work but I don’t care….. I enjoy the view….. and the salty air”

Heather and Chase return to the boat just as a Minns employee drops off a new key.  We are good to go.  We plan to head to St Francis Resort for lunch and then to Chat n Chill Beach Bar for a kalik and to pet the stingrays.

Lunch at St Francis

We enjoy a pizza and a couple rum punches and head next door to Chat n Chill.  We pull the boat up and Chase runs to see the stingrays near the conch shack. 

Chat n Chill

Pet the stingrays at Chat n Chill

We have a beer at Chat n Chill and watch Chase snorkel around the stingrays.  We run into Glen our electrician enjoying a day off.  We pack up the boat and head off into the harbour just before 4 pm.  Chase looks for a reef to fish at on our way back to Georgetown.  

We drop our lines off a small Cay near Crab Cay.  We get lots of bites, and I land a tiny white fish hardly even big enough to use as bait.  Chase somehow manages to catch a finger starfish.  We pull into Minns right at 5 pm and unload the boat.  

As the sun sets we make our way home.  I’m looking forward to an outdoor shower.  We arrive home and unpack the car.  I take the fishing rods and reels to the outdoor shower to rinse them off.  We settle down in front of the TV with a rum punch and a glass of wine, and watch the Montreal Canadians Florida Panthers game.  What a great day……. renting a boat for just one day is definitely not long enough!! βš“βš“

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