A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

Definitely one of my favorite days in Exuma!  28 Dec 2017

It was one of those days.   One of those days when nothing is really planned, and it turns out to be amazing.  

We are set to meet our friend Wade around 930 am.  Wade wants to take Chase spearfishing.  Last trip we rented a boat and Wade took us fishing.  That was an amazing experience that we will never forget.  Heather and I enjoy our coffee on the back deck.  I reply to some messages on social media, and Heather sends some emails to some upcoming guests.  

We meet Wade and he introduces us to a couple of his friends.  The view is absolutely breathtaking,  they have a magnificent spot.  We enjoy a couple kaliks, and Chase is patiently waiting to go spearfish.  As we look out into the #ExumaBlue water we see something swimming between the reef and the beach.   It’s two baby dolphins!

Wade opens a Christmas gift from us, and then we unpack the snorkel and spearfishing equipment from the car.  

I could sit here all day 😍😍😍

I grab the cooler and follow Chase and Wade down the beach and into the water.  We hit our first reef and I’m all set with Chases’s “Go Pro” to capture pictures and video.  Wade dives down and within seconds comes up with his first spiny lobster!

Chase on the hunt for lobster

We explore 4 or 5 reefs and get a couple small fish (Chase wants to use them for bait to fish with later).  We also find a rock lobster and a few spiny lobster.   We even see the biggest spotted eagle ray swim right between us!  I’m trying my best not to tip the cooler over (that would suck!).  

We make it back to the beach….. that was my cardiovascular workout for the day.  I’m hoping I burned off one of the kaliks I had earlier.  We relax and check out the days catch.   The view is perfect and we enjoy a couple more kaliks in the sun.  Chase cuts up one of the small grunt fish for bait and casts his line off the rocks into the water.

 Chase casts his line out off the rocks

We say goodbye to our new friends.  What a great time and great hospitality.  They were so nice to have us visit and let us enjoy a few drinks and the perfect view. We also say goodbye to Wade, and he tells us he will drop by in the morning to check out some repairs we need him to do.

We get home and unpack.  Heather and I slip to Tracy Bowes Convenience Store at the end of the street for bread, cheese, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, milk and apples.  We stroll down to the beach one last time, and of course Chase has to go wave jumping.   I enjoy a glass of wine and prepare dinner….. pasta alfredo,  salad, baked potatos, and of course fresh lobster!   

Heather opens up the windows so we can listen to the waves and feel the cool breeze.  It’s been a long day and I can’t wait to relax on the couch.  Chase watches fishing videos on youtube and I start on the blog.  I can’t believe we have already been in Exuma for 5 days!! 

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