A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

18 March, 2018

Barracuda, Parrot Fish and Stand up Paddling 😲

One of my favorite things for breakfast is leftovers. I fry up left over potatos, lobster and onion. After breakfast I do a few maintenance things around the house including hanging a new hose reel at the side of the house.

We pack up the car for the beach and head towards the west end of the island, to a beach we have never been too. The walk down to the beach is breathtaking 😍

It’s perfect…

We set up the beach chairs, and I can’t wait to try my new Gopro in the reefs. Chase grabs his fishing rod, puts some squid on the hook, and takes off to fish. It’s a perfect day.

Setting up for the day

I see so many fish while I snorkel the reefs….. parrot fish, blue tangs, grunts and angelfish. I even see a huge Nassau Grouper!

Huge brain coral

I join Chase fishing while Heather searches the shoreline for sea shells. We get several hits from needlenose fish and a huge barracuda snaps Chase’s line.

Can’t beat Exuma fishing

We spend the entire day at the beach. We watch dozens of sail boats go by. I stand up paddle over top of the reefs at low tide and Chase continues to try and catch the barracuda (it eventually snapped his line twice).

Always time for a kalik

We arrive home at about 530. I can’t wait to jump into the outdoor shower. We rinse of the fishing gear and unpack the car. Chase is tired so he wants to relax for a couple hours while Heather and I go out for dinner.

We drive by Big D’s but then decide to head back towards the Palapa Grill at Grand Isle Resort. We always like to visit Grand Isle at least once every trip. We savour a couple Goombay Smash and take in the view of Emerald Bay.

A drink and a view. Look close, our house is straight across Emerald Bay

We arrive home just in time for the sunset. Heather answers a couple of rental inquiries online and I answer some questions from followers on instagram.

Another perfect sunset at Canuck Palms β˜‰πŸŒ΄

We relax on the couch and watch a movie before bed. Actually, Chase ends up watching one of his favorite shows “Wicked Tuna”. He can’t get enough of fishing that’s for sure.

Another amazing Exuma day. We are thinking of going to Chat n Chill tomorrow! πŸ‘πŸ‘


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

17 March, 2018

Leprechauns, dog shows and pina coladas!

We start the morning at the beach and discover it truly is St Patrick’s Day!πŸ€

Leprechaun on the Beach πŸ€πŸ€

After bacon and eggs we pack up to go to the Exuma Humane Society fundraiser in Georgetown…… a dog show! Just before 11am we head towards town. We stop at Darville Lumber just before it closes at noon to pick up a couple things. We pull into town and drive past the Exuma Market, and park at the Government dock. We show up at the dog show and walk amongst the booths.

A couple stars of the dog show 🐢

Heather and I purchase a kalik and watch the dogs on stage. So cute…. especially the pot cakes!

We leave the dog show and walk downtown to the Exuma Yacht Club. Chase loves to check out the docks for fish.

Exuma Yacht Club

We walk back through town and check out a booth near the harbour. We watch some of the young kids sailing some of the small boats.

Elizabeth Harbour

Exuma Market 😍

We jump in the car and drive up the road to February Point. We spend the next couple of hours lounging by the pool sipping Pina Coladas listening to Bahamian music.

February Point

Around 330 pm we head back towards home. We stop briefly at home then grab some more “supplies” at the Coconut Grove Liquor Store. We drive to one of our new secret beaches and walk the shoreline.

Great afternoon

Great find….. 🐚🐚🐚

I could stay here forever….. β˜‰

We end the day fishing at the beach near the house. Chase wave jumps until the sun sets and we walk back to make dinner. We end the day with lobster and hamburgers on the BBQ, with corn on the cob and potatoes! Love cooking on the grill on the back deck. It was a great day and we can’t wait for tomorrow. Will we rent a boat? Maybe we will go see the swimming pigs?!

Exuma Sunsets β˜‰


A Day in the Life at Canucks Palms

16 March, 2018

We find ourselves spending more time in the mornings just relaxing on the back deck. I spend a little time responding to some questions from followers online, and then make a quick breakfast for everyone. Today we reached 1000 followers on @instagram !!

We pack up the car and decide to stay close to home. We arrive at Flamingo Beach at Paradise Bay a couple minutes later. Chase runs with the fishing equipment out to shore, and Heather and I set up the beach chairs. It’s a beautiful sunny day.

Flamingo Beach ❀

We enjoy a kalik and use the beer koozies our guests Jim and Dawn left us. What thoughtful gift. It was a pleasure having the Johnson’s stay at our home and they are welcome back anytime.

Thoughtful gift 😍

I join Chase fishing off the rocks for the next couple of hours. Of course Chase catches a couple mangrove snappers. I decide I’m better sitting in my beach chair enjoying a beer and head back to shore.

Beach time β˜‰

We pack up the car and head back towards the house mid afternoon. I drive the entire way with a huge leprechaun hat on, and turn a few heads of some of the locals. πŸ€πŸ€

We have a drink on the back deck as the sun pops out again. It was a nice day to stay nearby the house and not do too much. I run to Bristols Liquor store for some wine, and pick up pasta and garlic bread from Tracy Bowe’s Convenience Store.

After dinner Heather and I stroll around the property and comment on how the palm trees are so much bigger than when we first layed eyes on the house. The gardens look great with so many blooming flowers and beautiful shrubs. Hard to believe we didn’t even have a lawn here a couple years ago.

As the day comes to an end we are left with a glorious sunset. It’s beautiful. This sunset arrives just as the news arrives of the passing of our dearest Granny back home. Heather says it best…. “our hearts are broken”

RIP Granny, this sunset is for you. ❀


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

15 March , 2018

Sea Turtles, Stingrays and Bahama Mama’s

We spend a little longer at the house this morning. Sometimes it’s nice not to rush out of the house to go somewhere. After coffee on the back deck I make bacon and eggs. After breakfast we walk the beach and Chase jumps in the waves.

Chase jumping in the waves

Just before lunch we pack up and head west. I’m hoping that our friend Barry will meet us later today to bonefish. It’s low tide when we arrive. Wow 😍

Today’s stress level……. zero

50 Shades of Blue πŸ’§πŸ’§

Chase takes off to fish and within five minutes has caught a lemon shark! Heather and I take the cooler, beach chairs and beach umbrella out to one of the distant sandbars. We set everything up and can’t help but take a few pictures. It’s sandbar as far as the eye can see.

Low tide

Walking the sandbars

Barry shows up and we head out to bonefish several hundred yards from shore. It’s a little windy but sunny and clear. I hunt bonefish for hours but never see any. I do however encounter several finger starfish, a sea turtle and a large stingray.

Bonefishing 🐟🐟

Barry catches two bonefish and I return to the shore with zero. I’m hopeful I will land my first bonefish on the fly rod this trip!

Heather and Chase pack up the beach tent and we head back towards the house after 5 o’clock. As we drive into Steventon we are all thinking the same thing……dinner and drinks at Big D’s Conch Spot! 🍺🍷

Goombay Smash and Bahama Mama

Big D’s !!

Chase and I have chicken fingers and Heather orders a chicken burger. We enjoy a Goombay Smash and a Bahama Mama and take in the view. It’s so convenient being so close to home.

After dinner we are anxious to get home to relax after a long day in the sun. I have an outdoor shower with a glass of wine and watch the sun set over the palm trees to the west. What a day……. perfect weather and a great location.

Today’s sunset

Tomorrow we are thinking of staying at our beach near the house. Chase hopes to catch some bonefish in the morning. We end the night relaxing on the couch. We set up the new solar spotlights in the front and back yard as it gets dark. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. 😎


A Day on the Life at Canuck Palms

14 March, 2018

We relax with our coffee on the back deck and listen to the birds. I do a couple posts on social media including a live video on both Periscope and Facebook. Love our Exuma mornings.

We pack up the car and head towards town shortly after 10 am. We stop at AID and purchase a new coffee maker and some light bulbs. We jump back in the car and decide to head to Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma.

We stop at the Travel and Tourism office in Georgetown for more Exuma maps and brochures for our guests.

We pull up to Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma and unload the beach chairs, cooler and beach umbrella. Even though it’s cloudy it’s beautiful.

Tropic of Cancer Beach 😍😍

Chase meets three new friends that are playing in the water. They are staying this week at Grand Isle Resort, and it’s their first time to the island. Heather and I have a kalik under the beach umbrella and relax. It’s obvious why Tropic of Cancer Beach was recently voted one of the top ten beaches in the world.πŸ‘

We pack up and head to Santana’s Grill and Mom’s Bakery. Chase and Heather run into the Bakery to grab some of the famous rum cake.

We stop at Tropic Breeze Bar to enjoy the view and then continue back towards Great Exuma.

View at Tropic Breeze Bar

Tropic Breeze

We check out Haulover Bay in Rolletown and order two rum punch and a fruit punch for Chase.

Rum punch and a great view

We drive back through Georgetown and stop at Smitty’s Convenience Store for milk. We arrive back at the house and drop the milk off just after 330. Chase wants to go fish at Emerald Bay with his friend Trevor from Farmers Hill.

We stop by Trevor’s house but he isn’t home from school yet. Chase fishes at Emerald Bay while Heather and I enjoy the beach. As Chase packs up we help a kid push his van that was stuck in the sand. We arrive back at the house around 5 o’clock just as the sun comes out.

I make Heather a rum punch and I pour a glass of wine. As the sun sets we relax on the lounge chairs as I do a couple more instagram posts. I put on a live video again on Periscope and Facebook just as the sun goes down. Thanks to everyone who joined in the live feed…… Jim Johnson, Leo and Kim, Aunt Deb, Mom and Dad, Michelle Workman, Mark Dovel, Karen O’Coin, David Hutt and several others. 😍

Wine time at Canuck Palms

Chase wants to head back to our secret beach to fish tomorrow. To many great beaches to choose from! 🌴🌴


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄

March 13th, 2018

It’s a little cooler morning than usual and it looks like we could be in for rain today. We enjoy a coffee on the couch and watch Breakfast Television. Frank says it’s cold in Toronto today with a chance of snow. It’s a great day to be in Exuma 😍

We decide to head to Georgetown for breakfast. We would have breakfast at the house this morning but our convenience store was out of bread yesterday. We jump in the car and head towards town around 10am.

We usually love to go to Augusta Bay for breakfast, but we decide to try the new Plus 39 restaurant at the newly renovated Peace and Plenty Hotel in Georgetown.

Chase orders his normal buttermilk pancakes, Heather tries the eggs benedict, and I have a breakfast sandwich. Fantastic! Fresh coffee and a beautiful view….. perfect start to the day.

Peace and Plenty for breakfast!

We walk across the street to Sandpiper and browse the beautiful gifts. After that we walk down to Top to Bottom so Chase can look at the fishing lures. After that we jump in the car and drive over to the south side of the island to find some bonefishing locations for later in the week.

On our way home we top up our water at Exuma Building Supply, get some groceries for dinner at Smitty’s Convenience Store (pizza shells) and stop at Prime Island Deli for pizza mozzarella and Italian salami.

We stop at the house to drop off the groceries and pack up the beach chairs and fishing equipment. We set off for Rolleville to our private beach that we visit every time we are in Exuma.

We spend the entire rest of the day at the beach fishing the flats. Within the first 20 minutes Chase catches his first lemon shark!

Chase with his lemon shark 🐟

I head out to a few sandbars in the distance. I see a school of bonefish but no luck catching one. I can see for miles and loving my new GoPro!

Starfish everywhere!

We get back to the house about 5 o’clock and enjoy an outdoor shower and a glass of wine. Heather puts the pizza in the oven and Chase and I check out the beach.

No footprints……

We end the night with our homemade pizza and watching The Voice on TV. Tonight we opened up all the windows and shut the air conditioning off. We absolutely love the breeze and the sound of the ocean. Question is what do we do tomorrow…. rent a boat? Go to Chat and Chill for their 20th anniversary? Drive to Little Exuma and have lunch at Santanna’s Grill? 😎😎

And BTW…… it never rained a drop today!


A Day in the life at Canuck Palms

Our last full day in Exuma 😭😭 

04 Jan 2018

After breakfast I get right to work on finishing the front door trim.   I cut and install the interior trim and then head to Darvilles for more finishing nails and caulking.  Heather starts to get some of our bags packed.

On the way back from Darvilles I stop and put gas in the rental car.  The gas station is just west of the airport is perfect for topping up fuel before returning the rental car. 

The new BTC office in Farmers Hill just before the turn to Canuck Palms

When I get home Heather is busy preparing for lunch.  Cynthia our property manager is dropping by for fajitas around noon.  I keep working on the door, installing the door sweep and the exterior 1×4 trim.  As I start doing some touch up paint on the trim,  Glen our electrician stops in to say hi   Glen hopes to come see us in February when he travels to Ontario.  He also wants one of our Canuck Palms T Shirts next time we come to the island!  😎

Cynthia arrives and we enjoy a great lunch.  The first thing Heather and I say as she leaves is how fortunate we are to have met Cynthia and are glad she is a part of Canuck Palms.  Chase is dying to go fishing at Emerald Bay.  We get the car packed and I finish some painting.   Heather confirmes a VRBO booking for the end of March, and has to say no to another booking for the same time.  We arrive at Emerald Bay around 3pm.  

Emerald Bay

Chase fishing with his new friend Trevor from Farmers Hill

Heather and I watch the boys fish and take in the view of Emerald Bay for the last time this trip.  Chase and Trevor are having a great time and Chase doesn’t want to leave.  We offer to drive Trevor home, so we throw his bike in the trunk.  We drop him off at his house, and Chase gives Trevor his fishing rod to keep.  Hopefully Chase can hang out with Trevor every time we come to the island.  Such a nice boy.  

Chase and his buddy Trevor 

We arrive home around 530 pm, and we start to pack up the house.  I finish off one last coat of paint and caulking on the door and put all my tools away.

Door complete πŸ”¨πŸ”¨

We spend most of the night packing up and getting ready for the morning.  It’s always a challenge finishing off the food. …dinner was battered pickles, scalloped potatoes and kalik.

The last rum punch

Sad to see the trip come to an end.  I can’t complain….it’s been amazing.   The weather was perfect and I had a full two weeks of beaches and sunshine.  Chase….. I enjoyed running from beach to beach while you fished and explored the island.  Heather….. you are the best travel partner anyone could have.  You are so organized and always book our flights and get us where we need to be.  I’m lucky to have you and we always have the best vacations.  Definitely looking forward to out next adventure together. ❀❀

Good night Exuma….. until next time 😍

Goodnight Exuma


A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

Big D’s Conch Spot to end the day 

03 Dec 2017

After breakfast Heather and I jump in the car and head to Georgetown.  We first stop into BTC and pay the WiFi bill, and finish off in town paying our house insurance.  On the way back home we stop at Darville Lumber to pick up 1 x 4 exterior trim and colonial interior trim.  

We get home and I get started on the door trim.  I put the first coat of primer on the new door jams and both sets of trim.  Heather and Chase pack up and head off to nearby Emerald Bay Beach.

Our pet tree frog watches me while I work 🐸🐸

By the time Heather and Chase get home I’ve completed three coats of paint on the trim and door frame and I’m just waiting for it to dry.  Our property manager Cynthia drops by to see us, and she opens her Christmas gift.  We are very lucky to have her.  Cynthia’s cleaning staff is great and most of our reviews talk about how clean the house is.  

Chase makes a new friend at Emerald Bay

We make arrangements to take some of the people that help us at the house out for dinner to Big D’s Conch Spot in Steventon.  We arrive around 6 pm and enjoy hamburgers, chicken fingers and fresh conch.  The staff is great and super friendly.  Aaron our server is the best we have had on the island this trip. 

Another perfect Exuma sunset

As I go to pay, Big D tells us that his visa machine isn’t working…… which happens now and then on the island.   Luckily there is a bank machine down the road at Emerald Bay Marina.   We slip to the ATM and return to pay the bill, even though Big D said to come back tomorrow.

We arrive home just after 9 pm and get ready for bed.  Hard to believe we have to start packing tomorrow!  Seeing pictures from our friends at home of all the snow is making us not want to even think about leaving! β„πŸŒ¬