“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 31st, 2019

Last day of 2019!

It’s also our last full day on the island! 😥 We have coffee and bagels for breakfast, and take a walk down at the beach. It’s a warm morning, and there isn’t as much breeze as we have had lately.

Path to the beach

Last walk on the beach for 2019

The gardens are blooming and there are several birds in the palm trees.

Flowers at Canuck Palms

Heather and I do some cleaning and other house maintenance. We finally get away from the house around noon to go to Flamingo Beach in nearby Steventon. It’s only about 5 minutes away. As usual with Exuma we are the only ones on the beach!

Packing up for the beach

Our view as we pull up to Flamingo Beach 😯

Chase goes fishing and Heather and I set up the beach chairs under a shady palm tree. We spot two hound fish in the water close to shore.

In search of the big one

One of our favorite beaches

We spend the majority of the afternoon in the sun and hanging out in the gin clear water. 💧💧

Around 3 pm we make our way to Emerald Bay. Chase casts his line in the creek after catching some bait fish with his cast net. We enjoy sitting under the beach umbrella and watching the waves.

Its definitely a jeep day

An another beach all to ourselves

Around 430 we pack up and drive back to the house. Unfortunately we have to prepare for our Bahamas Air flight in the morning. I cook lobster tails on the bbq for dinner, along with pasta and rice. We have a visit from one of our friends on the island. Chase gives him his Christmas gift…. a Toronto Raptors shirt! 🏀

We finally sit down at 10 pm after packing and getting organized. Oh ya… it’s new Years Eve! Yes we should be at one of the local beach bars for a New Years countdown, but we need to be up early and I haven’t even had my outdoor shower yet!

Happy New Years everyone!! Looking forward to another great year. Wishing everyone a peaceful and amazing 2020!

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