“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 28th, 2019

Always hard to leave Exuma!

We wake up this morning and have our morning coffee on the deck. There’s an amazing breeze. Brian and Tanya are unfortunately packing for their trip back home. Their Air Canada flight leaves Exuma around 2:50 this afternoon.

We make the best of the morning. The kids wave jump for a couple hours down at the beach. This is the biggest we have seen the waves all week!

Amazing morning at the beach! 🌊

After lunch we drive everyone to the airport which is only about 8 minutes away. We top up the gas in the rental truck because we are switching the GMC Yukon out for a Jeep Wrangler!!

I drop everyone off at the airport and drive across the street to Airport Car Rental. I meet them at Kermit’s Lounge for a kalik as they wait for their flight. ✈

As we wait we bump into our friend and realtor Janet who is flying back to Toronto as well. We say goodbye to our family as they walk through security around 1:45. What a fantastic week with family here for Christmas! Hopefully they can come back to Exuma soon. πŸ’™

Heather and I drive towards town and stop at AID for house supplies. We pick up new dinner forks and glasses and other household supplies. It starts to pour rain as we arrive home to see Chase, who is sick on the couch with a high fever. Chase has been sleeping most of the day. I promise to take him fishing if he feels better. I unload the rental Jeep and notice the most amazing rainbow appear over the ocean!

Magnificent rainbow 🌈

As the sun is setting Chase wants to fish. We pack up the jeep and drive around the corner to one of the inland lakes. We don’t have a lot of time before we lose daylight. Chase gets a few bites using his bait that he caught with his casting net. We want to try this place tomorrow when we have more time.

I make pasta dinner for everyone as Heather answers some Canuck Palms rental inquiries. After a few loads of laundry and some social media posts we finally settle down with Chase to watch a movie. We open up all the windows to enjoy the fresh breeze and listen to the ocean.

Tomorrow is a new day. Heather and I want to drive to little Exuma and maybe stop to check out the new Blu Restaurant on the way. Chase has his heart set on fishing at the Little Exuma bridge in The Ferry! Whatever we do tomorrow it will be a great time! 🐟🍹

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