“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

December 27th, 2019

It’s Friyayyyyyy!

We have a big day planned, but first we need breakfast. We want to show everyone Grand Isle Resort, so we decide to drive up the road for breakfast. We are hoping the clouds hold off today as we may go to Chat N Chill this afternoon.

Chase runs to try and find his friend Emmerson that works at the resort. We grab a table close to the pool. Emmerson stops by to say hi, it’s great to see him! Chase has grown up on the island and has known Emmerson for a long time.

Our breakfast view

The boys run down and check out the beach. We can see the waves crashing on shore across Emerald Bay near our place.

Emerald Bay

We arrive back at the house and pack our beach bags for Stocking Island. Hopefully the rain passes before we get to town. One stop we have to make is the “Sandpiper” store to exchange some clothing. I park at the regatta bleachers and we walk over.

We jump on the 1230 water taxi from the Government Dock and make our way across Elizabeth Harbour towards Chat N Chill.

Exuma Police Boat

Taking in the view 😎

On the way we stop and help a boat that has been stranded by the low tide at Hamburger Beach. We then arrive at Chat N Chill. Heather and I set up our beach chairs and head to the bar for a drink.


Chat N Chill

The kids jump on the water and play with the stingrays. Chase is on the lagoon side using his cast net to catch bait for the stingrays. It’s crowded today, but not as crowded as we see it most of the time.

The famous Conch Shack

We sit for the entire afternoon. The kids play in the water and on the rope swings. Chase helps some little kids catch minnows in the cast net. We order burgers and fries and take in the sun. It turned out to be a perfect day.

We jump on the 4 o’clock water taxi back to the mainland. We drop off some people at Augusta Bay Resort first, and arrive back at the Government Dock a short time later. The kids can’t wait to get back to the house and wave jump!

Wave jumping at Canuck Palms

We end the evening down at the beach. The kids play in the water, and we have a kalik while we relax in the beach chairs. As the sun disappears I have my usual outdoor shower with a glass of wine. We have pasta and turkey leftovers for dinner. That day went so fast!!

Tomorrow afternoon our family leaves for home. Their time here went so fast! It was great that we were able to experience Stocking Island with them today! 🌴

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