“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

It’s our last full day in Exuma. I can’t believe the trip is almost over! We have a lot to do before we fly out tomorrow. The morning is spent preparing the house, fixing the fence, cleaning windows, replacing light bulbs and washing floor mats. The work never ends at Canuck Palms!

Heather and I finally sit down around 1 o’clock and have a kalik on the back deck. We wait for Cynthia our property manager to drop over for a meeting.

Hanging out on the back deck

Cynthia arrives around 2pm. We talk about upcoming guests and the great work Cynthia and her team do for us. We have a great working relationship and we are very lucky to have her with us. Heather gives Cynthia a new outfit and a toy for her grandson.

Once Cynthia leaves Heather and I take off to town to grab a couple things. We stop into Top 2 Bottom in Georgetown and purchase a new flashlight, smoke detector, bbq lighter and first aid kit.

Exuma Straw Market


Heather and I meet our good friend Wade for a drink at Club Peace and Plenty. The weather couldn’t be better!

Club Peace and Plenty

Beer with a view

We arrive home and Chase wants to go fish at Emerald Bay on his last night. We drive up the road and fish for about an hour. Heather and I relax in our beach chairs and watch the sun set.

Emerald Bay

Chase practices with his cast net in the creek. Heather videos Chase for his YouTube channel just before we leave. Four potcakes remember Chase from last trip and follow him around everywhere he goes.

Chase doing his YouTube video

We spend the rest of the night packing and doing laundry. I make pasta and salad for dinner. I have my last outdoor shower and continue to pack for tomorrow. We watch a movie on the couch and listen to the waves. We keep the windows open to feel the amazing island breeze.

Tomorrow we are up early to catch the Bahamas Air flight at 950. Heather and I agree that this week has gone by extremely fast! 🛫🛫

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