“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

As we sit on the back deck with our morning coffee the clouds start to pass over and it begins to rain. We can’t complain, the weather has been amazing this week. This rain will also do the new flowers and palm trees well.

After breakfast Heather and I drive to AID for light bulbs and take a tour through Moss Town. We also stop at Prime Island Meats in Hoopers Bay for cauliflower, bacon, and top sirloin steaks. I fill the rental car up with gas near the airport.

Its around 2 o’clock when we arrive back at the house. It’s still cloudy and doesn’t look like it’s going to pass. We pack up the car and decide to drive towards Baraterre to fish. We spend a couple of hours fishing at the bridge and catch a few White Grunts.

The Baraterre bridge

Filming Chase for his YouTube channel.

We end the day driving to the Baraterre dock and see some of the tour boats coming in. I remember when we were here years ago when we took the Four C’s boat tour to see the swimming pigs. It starts to pour rain and everyone is making a run for their cars.


We stop at Emerald Bay on our way home so Chase can film another episode for his fishing YouTube channel. Tonight he was showing his viewers how to properly throw a cast net. We arrive home and get settled. Heather and I have a beer and I start to think about getting dinner ready. All of a sudden the power goes out. Unfortunately this happens on the island sometimes if there’s a wind storm. Hopefully it won’t be out too long. In the meantime Heather and Chase enjoy playing some board games.

We find some candles, and I manage to cook steaks, cauliflower, and peas in the dark on the bbq. We have a fantastic candlelight dinner at the breakfast bar.

Around 9pm the power comes back on. We relax on the couch, I start our blog, and Heather corresponds with some potential guests wanting to book later this month.

I can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day! We plan on going to Chat n Chill on Stocking Island if it is nice weather. Heather is wanting to try the mushroom cheese burger at Augusta Bay as well! šŸ”šŸ”šŸ”

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