“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

Our plan today is to hopefully get to one beach for the entire afternoon. We relax on the back deck with a coffee and I make eggs for breakfast. Chase cooks his own pancakes.

Morning coffee with a view…

Enjoying the back deck

Our gardener drops over to install a new water tap on the exterior of the house. We spend some time getting the water shut off at the road, and finally get it installed. This will help when it comes time to water the new plants and palm trees that we planted recently.

Early afternoon we take off west towards Rolleville in search of a secluded beach for the day.

Missed this place

We unload the car and set up the beach chairs. As usual, Heather and Chase walk way out across the sandbar to explore. It’s no surprise that we are the only ones here…..typical Exuma.

Exploring the sandbars….

I pump up the “Red Paddle” SUP board for Heather and Chase grabs the fly rod. I open up a kalik and relax in the shade enjoying the best view in the world.


In search of the ghosts of Exuma….. the bonefish….

Chase SUP boards around the sandbars, and Heather and I set up the beach chairs and umbrella on a sandbar way out in the middle of the ocean. This is the most peaceful thing ever. We have a kalik, and remind ourselves that we are the luckiest people in the world. We could sit here all week!

I’m staying forever

I grab my fly rod and walk across the sandbar in search of bonefish. I’m determined to get one, even though they are hard to find. I spend about an hour wading through the clear Exuma waters, and only see two bonefish!

Doesn’t get any better

Chase fishes east of us and sees some sharks and barracuda. I catch a crab…that’s about it! We decide to pack up our stuff as the sun sets. We want to drop by Exuma Point for a drink on our way home.


We drive up the road and stop into Exuma Point for a drink. There are a few cars and a handful of people at the beach bar. Heather has a Kalik Mango Radler, I have a Kalik Light, and Chase has a white milk. We take in the view and enjoy the breeze.

Exuma Point!

We arrive home and I continue with my nightly routine….. outdoor shower with a glass of wine. I relax with Heather in our lounge chairs and do some social media posts. I make burgers on the outdoor bbq and grilled cheese for Chase. The night is perfect.

Time to relax …..

Tomorrow is a big day. We have to get to the boat at the Government dock in the morning to pick up our new umbrella that we had shipped from Nassau. We may also be renting a boat for the day to explore Elizabeth Harbour!! ☀️☀️☀️

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