“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

The clocks went forward last night, so 7 am is actually 8am. I absolutely love coffee on the back deck listening to the waves and the birds.

Our electrician Glen popped over around 10 am and installed a new exterior light. We hang out at the house for the morning and relax on the back deck… listening to Kenney Chesney and Jimmy Buffet.

We see the Air Canada flight fly over on it’s way to the airport. I decide I better slide around the corner to Tracy Bowes Convenience store and grab some more food for tonight. I drive to the store and buy milk, onion, lettuce, tomato and pasta.

Heather and I walk to the beach and enjoy the amazing weather.

Walking the beach at Canuck Palms

We pack up the car and make our way to Flamingo Beach at Paradise Bay….. one of our favorites!

Flamingo Beach

We spend a couple of hours here playing volleyball and swimming. This beach is one of our favorites on the island. It’s always calm.

Around 430 we drive back east and stop at nearby Grand Isle Resort to see our friend Emmerson and to have an early dinner. We also bump into our friend Roger who also works at the resort.

Chase finds his long time buddy Emmerson.

We stop into the new 23 Degrees North beach club and Restaurant. It’s a beautiful spot. We want to have lunch but you have to be over 18. We head back and enjoy lunch at Palapa Grill. Chase enjoys a burger, I have a chicken ceaser salad, and Heather has chips and quacamole.

23 Degrees North Beach Club

Grand Isle Resort

Kalik and a view

We arrive back at the house shortly after 530 and pack the cooler for the beach. Chase wants to wave jump and try his cast net. The weather is perfect. We spend the next hour and a half enjoying the beach near the house.

Wave jump time!!

Chase gets some good use out of his cast net.

I cant wait for my nightly routine…. outdoor shower, bath robe, wine on the deck with music.

Canuck Palms gardens 😍😍

We relax on the couch after the sun goes down and watch a movie. It’s been a perfect day. I do some social media for the business and we think about what we want to do tomorrow. Chase wants to shark fish in Rolleville. Heather wants to relax at Cocoplum Beach. I want to fly fish for bonefish!!!


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