“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms “

We didn’t stray very far from the house today. We start the day off with a coffee on the back deck while Chase continues to sleep on the couch. Although the villa has an entire 2nd bedroom and bathroom, Chase enjoys sleeping on the couch and falling asleep while he watches tv.

Heather and I go down to the beach for our morning walk. The waves are big and they crash onto the shore. It’s a beautiful morning. On our way back we stop to say hi to our friends next door.

After our walk Chase makes pancakes and I make us eggs. We decide to stay close to the house today and relax. Heather moves some furniture around and hangs up our new curtains. They look amazing!

New curtains!

We pack up the beach tent, cooler, and beach chairs and walk to the beach. It’s windy, but the waves will be so much fun! Heather and I set up the beach tent, and Chase explores the water.

Relaxing in the beach tent

Heather and Chase jump waves for close to an hour while I have a kalik and read my book “HUNGRY….Fuelling Your Best Game” by Ryan Walter..

Loving my book!

Shortly after 4 o’clock we pack up our things and return to the house. Chase wants to go fish at Emerald Bay. We pack the car a short time later and head up the road. Chase and I spend a couple of hours fly fishing.

First cast on the fly rod

Chase uses his cast net and catches some small bait fish that he will use this week.

Great form while casting his net!

We stop into Tracy Bowes Convenience Store and buy more milk, lettuce, onion, cheese and a tomato. We get home just in time to catch the sunset! I have a great outdoor shower, and throw on my “Gluckstein Home” bath robe. Heather and I enjoy wine and a rum punch, and take some pictures of the sunset amongst the palm trees.

Exuma Sunsets

We make pasta and salad for dinner, and finish the night watching the Maple Leafs play Edmonton on TV!

I’m excited for tomorrow even though I have no idea what we are doing. Its Sunday…… maybe the pig roast at Chat n Chill!?

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