A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

19 March, 2018

Stand Up Paddle, Packing, and Our Last Walk on the Beach 🏄

It’s a beautiful day, which helps a little with the pain of an Exuma vacation coming to an end. There is very little wind and not a cloud in the sky. It’s tempting to relax on the back deck all day on the lounge chairs. Heather accepts an online booking for July, and I post a few pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We decide to go to nearby Emerald Bay just two minutes up the road.

The stunning Emerald Bay

We set up the beach umbrella and set the cooler in between two beach chairs….. set up for the day!

Time to Stand Up Paddleboard

Set up for the day 😎

Chase and Heather enjoy the water which is smooth as glass, and even after coming to Exuma for almost ten years I still find myself saying “I can’t believe the blue!” 💧💧 I read one of my sports novels and enjoy a cold kalik. We are pretty much the only ones on the beach, even with Sandals and Grand Isle resorts at the other end of the bay. Amazing.

Chase enjoying the water 🏄

Heather and Chase slip home mid afternoon to use the WiFi and book our seats on the plane tomorrow. I chill out under the beach umbrella and read a few more chapters. I soon remember that I need to fill up the rental car with gas! When Heather returns I drive down near the airport for gas (only about a 10 minute drive). I pick up Heather back at Emerald Bay and we drop into Tracy Bowes Convenience Store for a few last minute things for our last dinner.

We pack up the house as much as we can including doing laundry, clean the BBQ, pack the beach and fishing gear, load the dishwasher, and clean out the fridge. Heather makes pasta for dinner and then we head down to the beach for a final walk.

Last time at the beach 😔

As the sun sets over the palm trees on the back deck I enjoy my favorite outdoor shower. We end the night with some final packing and watch a movie. The week just flew by, as it always does.

Until next time Exuma…… we cannot wait. 💧😎😍🌴 #I❤Exuma

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