A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

18 March, 2018

Barracuda, Parrot Fish and Stand up Paddling 😲

One of my favorite things for breakfast is leftovers. I fry up left over potatos, lobster and onion. After breakfast I do a few maintenance things around the house including hanging a new hose reel at the side of the house.

We pack up the car for the beach and head towards the west end of the island, to a beach we have never been too. The walk down to the beach is breathtaking 😍

It’s perfect…

We set up the beach chairs, and I can’t wait to try my new Gopro in the reefs. Chase grabs his fishing rod, puts some squid on the hook, and takes off to fish. It’s a perfect day.

Setting up for the day

I see so many fish while I snorkel the reefs….. parrot fish, blue tangs, grunts and angelfish. I even see a huge Nassau Grouper!

Huge brain coral

I join Chase fishing while Heather searches the shoreline for sea shells. We get several hits from needlenose fish and a huge barracuda snaps Chase’s line.

Can’t beat Exuma fishing

We spend the entire day at the beach. We watch dozens of sail boats go by. I stand up paddle over top of the reefs at low tide and Chase continues to try and catch the barracuda (it eventually snapped his line twice).

Always time for a kalik

We arrive home at about 530. I can’t wait to jump into the outdoor shower. We rinse of the fishing gear and unpack the car. Chase is tired so he wants to relax for a couple hours while Heather and I go out for dinner.

We drive by Big D’s but then decide to head back towards the Palapa Grill at Grand Isle Resort. We always like to visit Grand Isle at least once every trip. We savour a couple Goombay Smash and take in the view of Emerald Bay.

A drink and a view. Look close, our house is straight across Emerald Bay

We arrive home just in time for the sunset. Heather answers a couple of rental inquiries online and I answer some questions from followers on instagram.

Another perfect sunset at Canuck Palms β˜‰πŸŒ΄

We relax on the couch and watch a movie before bed. Actually, Chase ends up watching one of his favorite shows “Wicked Tuna”. He can’t get enough of fishing that’s for sure.

Another amazing Exuma day. We are thinking of going to Chat n Chill tomorrow! πŸ‘πŸ‘

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