A Day on the Life at Canuck Palms

14 March, 2018

We relax with our coffee on the back deck and listen to the birds. I do a couple posts on social media including a live video on both Periscope and Facebook. Love our Exuma mornings.

We pack up the car and head towards town shortly after 10 am. We stop at AID and purchase a new coffee maker and some light bulbs. We jump back in the car and decide to head to Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma.

We stop at the Travel and Tourism office in Georgetown for more Exuma maps and brochures for our guests.

We pull up to Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma and unload the beach chairs, cooler and beach umbrella. Even though it’s cloudy it’s beautiful.

Tropic of Cancer Beach 😍😍

Chase meets three new friends that are playing in the water. They are staying this week at Grand Isle Resort, and it’s their first time to the island. Heather and I have a kalik under the beach umbrella and relax. It’s obvious why Tropic of Cancer Beach was recently voted one of the top ten beaches in the world.👍

We pack up and head to Santana’s Grill and Mom’s Bakery. Chase and Heather run into the Bakery to grab some of the famous rum cake.

We stop at Tropic Breeze Bar to enjoy the view and then continue back towards Great Exuma.

View at Tropic Breeze Bar

Tropic Breeze

We check out Haulover Bay in Rolletown and order two rum punch and a fruit punch for Chase.

Rum punch and a great view

We drive back through Georgetown and stop at Smitty’s Convenience Store for milk. We arrive back at the house and drop the milk off just after 330. Chase wants to go fish at Emerald Bay with his friend Trevor from Farmers Hill.

We stop by Trevor’s house but he isn’t home from school yet. Chase fishes at Emerald Bay while Heather and I enjoy the beach. As Chase packs up we help a kid push his van that was stuck in the sand. We arrive back at the house around 5 o’clock just as the sun comes out.

I make Heather a rum punch and I pour a glass of wine. As the sun sets we relax on the lounge chairs as I do a couple more instagram posts. I put on a live video again on Periscope and Facebook just as the sun goes down. Thanks to everyone who joined in the live feed…… Jim Johnson, Leo and Kim, Aunt Deb, Mom and Dad, Michelle Workman, Mark Dovel, Karen O’Coin, David Hutt and several others. 😍

Wine time at Canuck Palms

Chase wants to head back to our secret beach to fish tomorrow. To many great beaches to choose from! 🌴🌴

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