A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 🌴🌴

March 13th, 2018

It’s a little cooler morning than usual and it looks like we could be in for rain today. We enjoy a coffee on the couch and watch Breakfast Television. Frank says it’s cold in Toronto today with a chance of snow. It’s a great day to be in Exuma 😍

We decide to head to Georgetown for breakfast. We would have breakfast at the house this morning but our convenience store was out of bread yesterday. We jump in the car and head towards town around 10am.

We usually love to go to Augusta Bay for breakfast, but we decide to try the new Plus 39 restaurant at the newly renovated Peace and Plenty Hotel in Georgetown.

Chase orders his normal buttermilk pancakes, Heather tries the eggs benedict, and I have a breakfast sandwich. Fantastic! Fresh coffee and a beautiful view….. perfect start to the day.

Peace and Plenty for breakfast!

We walk across the street to Sandpiper and browse the beautiful gifts. After that we walk down to Top to Bottom so Chase can look at the fishing lures. After that we jump in the car and drive over to the south side of the island to find some bonefishing locations for later in the week.

On our way home we top up our water at Exuma Building Supply, get some groceries for dinner at Smitty’s Convenience Store (pizza shells) and stop at Prime Island Deli for pizza mozzarella and Italian salami.

We stop at the house to drop off the groceries and pack up the beach chairs and fishing equipment. We set off for Rolleville to our private beach that we visit every time we are in Exuma.

We spend the entire rest of the day at the beach fishing the flats. Within the first 20 minutes Chase catches his first lemon shark!

Chase with his lemon shark 🐟

I head out to a few sandbars in the distance. I see a school of bonefish but no luck catching one. I can see for miles and loving my new GoPro!

Starfish everywhere!

We get back to the house about 5 o’clock and enjoy an outdoor shower and a glass of wine. Heather puts the pizza in the oven and Chase and I check out the beach.

No footprints……

We end the night with our homemade pizza and watching The Voice on TV. Tonight we opened up all the windows and shut the air conditioning off. We absolutely love the breeze and the sound of the ocean. Question is what do we do tomorrow…. rent a boat? Go to Chat and Chill for their 20th anniversary? Drive to Little Exuma and have lunch at Santanna’s Grill? 😎😎

And BTW…… it never rained a drop today!

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