A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

Sharks, stingrays and starfish!  26 Dec 2017

Today we plan to find somewhere to relax and fish for most of the afternoon.  We wake up around 7am, and I can tell it’s going to be a perfect day.  The birds are chirping in the trees and I can hear the waves.  

Enjoying a coffee on the deck 

After a coffee on the deck we get ready for our day.  Chase hears some kids at the beach and wants to check it out.  We all head down to the beach.  There is a family on the beach including four kids around his age.  Heather chats with the mother and Chase joins the boys in the water and enjoys jumping the waves.  The family is from Lithuania and staying at our neighbour’s beach house (Calypso House).  

Heather chillaxing in the hammock

We pack up the car with all our gear including the stand up paddle board.   After breakfast we decide to drive to Rolleville to chill for the day.  We want to set up for the day on the beach at Shoreline Bar and Grill, but take a detour and discover another spot.  It’s so awesome!  It reminds me of Cocoplum Beach, but on the bonefish side.  You can walk for miles out into the ocean.  

This will do just fine…. šŸ˜šŸ˜

We set up the beach chairs and get the SUP board and fishing equipment out of the car.  I inflate the “Red Paddle” SUP for Heather and Chase tests out the fly rod.  This is the perfect place.  

Ready to bonefish… šŸŸšŸŸ

I walk the shore in the knee deep water attempting to stalk a bonefish.  It’s quiet, and I wade through some sea turtle grass.  A lemon shark swims to my left, another at my 2 o’clock.   Amazing!  As I continue to explore I disturb a stingray….. sending it swimming off to deeper water.  Even if I don’t see a bonefish today I’m happy I got to see that.  I walk back slowly, casting into the mangroves.  Chase catches a small shark but it breaks the line taking the hook and squid with it.

We stay all afternoon.  I walk out as far as the eye can see looking for bonefish, and Heather and Chase ride the SUP board behind me.  We explore several sandbars and find lots of treasures including sand dollars, star fish and conch shells.

The sun is setting and we have had a full day on the water.  We wade back towards the car and I try fishing one last time along the shore in the mangroves.  I don’t want to leave because I can tell it’s going to be the perfect location to see the sunset.  

Going to be a perfect sunset

Heather enjoying her SUP board 

We head back towards the house and pull into Exuma Point Restaurant to have a beer.  We meet the owners in the driveway and they tell us they are closed for the day.  It’s probably for the best as we are all tired and can’t wait to enjoy a relaxing evening at the house.  We get home around five o’clock,  and I unpack the car while Chase rinses off in the outdoor shower.  We wind down with pasta and deep fried pickles for dinner and enjoy a drink on the back deck.  

By the looks of the sunset it’s going to be another sunny day tomorrow.   No plans yet for tomorrow, but I’m sure it will include a beautiful beach somewhere……. and a kalik or two. 

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