A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

Christmas morning in Exuma!  25 Dec 2017

I was in the deepest REM sleep when I was woken up to the sound of  “Santa was here!!” Chase keeps on me to get up and see the presents under the tree.  I beg Heather to make coffee first.

We enjoy sitting around the tree opening our stockings and presents from Santa.  Chase gets new fishing tackle and a new tackle belt, amongst other cool things.  Santa got me deodorant, socks, toothpaste and underwear……  πŸ‘πŸ‘ 

Santa came!

I polish off a couple coffees and am anxious to check out the beach since we didn’t make it down last night.  Just before we go we hear Chase yelling from the second bedroom…. “Elfie came!!”  It appears Chase’s “Elf on a Shelf” made the trip to the Bahamas.  Chase sees that Elfie has a gift beside him and he opens it up with excitement.  A new IPhone 6!  Chase can hardly contain himself.  What a great morning so far. πŸŒ²πŸŽ…πŸŒ΄πŸŽ…

We wander down to the beach….it’s a beautiful morning.  Chase and I set up our fishing rods and Heather goes for a walk down to the end of the beach and back.  I’m hoping to catch a bonefish off the edge of the reef.  Chase tries out his new fishing tackle.

Chase hoping to catch a bonefish 

I walk to the end of the beach and back with Heather looking for sea shells.  Chase jumps waves and is in his glory.  Christmas in Exuma is awesome.  No crowds, no hustle, no traffic jams…..and no snow!   Just beach and sunshine β˜‰β˜‰

Chase enjoys his new kite at the beach

We return to the house around 11 and have scrambled egg wraps for breakfast.  Chase packs up the car with fishing gear, snorkel equipment, beach chairs and the cooler full of drinks.  We head off west towards Emerald Bay.  We stop at Flamingo Beach at Paradise Bay and check out the view.   We decide to venture back to Emerald Bay and set up for the day.  We set up the beach chairs and enjoy the view of the crystal blue water and Grand Isle Resort.  

Love pulling up to this view! πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§

Chase and I try our luck at fishing again.  I try my saltwater fly fishing rod for the first time since I bought it.  I managed to teach myself how to fly fish this year at our cottage in Muskoka Ontario (@canuckpines).   I absolutely love it….. can’t wait to catch a bonefish!  

Chill time 😎

We relax and swim for the afternoon.  We see a handful of couples walking the beach from Sandals and Grand Isle Resort.  As we are packing up for the day we see some rain clouds off in the distance……. and then the most beautiful double rainbow. 

 We pack up and head back to the house.  Chase wants to hit our beach again to fish and swim before dinner.  We spend an hour or so fishing and Heather stays at the house to have a shower and get dinner ready.  As the sun sets we return to the house, and I can’t wait to jump in the outdoor shower and throw on one of our new bath robes.  

A glass of wine and a rum punch as the sun sets 🍹🍷

We enjoy cabbage rolls for dinner and wind down on the couch watching a Christmas movie.  Heather shuts off the air conditioning and opens all the windows.  I’m loving the fresh ocean breeze and the sound of the waves!  🌊🌊  What a great Christmas day in Exuma.  Where should we go tomorrow?  Bonefish flats?  Cocoplum Beach?  Maybe Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma?  Decisions decisions…… 

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