A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

On the way to Exuma!  24 Dec 2017

We have an early morning and wake up around 5am.  Our flight is set to take off for Exuma at 9:05.  We are southbound on the highway by 5 o’clock hoping that we don’t run into any snow.   The Toronto airport is busy, but despite a few long lines we are through security by 7:30 am.  We are delayed about an hour due to high winds, but eventually land in Moss Town Exuma just after 2pm.  

Travelling Santa seems to be all smiles 

The air is warm and the sun is bright.  I immediately feel a sense of slowing down….. no stress.  We get into the airport and hear the sound of the band playing Bahamian music in the lobby.  Chase hopes to see his buddy “Hasty” on the elephant skin drum.  We are through the airport in 20 minutes and grab the rental car from Exuma Car Rental across the street.  We cram our luggage into the Toyota Corolla and head for the house.  Since its Sunday and we were delayed in Toronto we will miss getting to Tracy Bowes Convenience Store near the house.  We grab some kalik and some juice at the store just outside the airport.

We arrive at the house and get our luggage inside.  Chase is already catching frogs and hunting for geckos.  We throw some shorts on and remember that the Exuma Market in Georgetown may be open until 5pm.  We wave at our neighbours Barry and Donna, and head towards town.  

We grab some of the basics to get us through the next couple days….  eggs, bread, water, pop, and of course squid to use for bait while fishing.   We arrive home again shortly after 5.  Chase wants to fish but we have too much unpacking to do before dark, plus we need to make dinner.  But first things first…. a rum punch with coconut rum! 

Rum Punch x 2 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Heather sets up the Christmas tree and finds a wonderful gift from our friends Tracey and Pete who were guests in November.  Canada 150 drink coolers, @torontomapleleafs Christmas ornaments and more!  

Christmas tree is up! 🌲

Thanks Tracey and Pete!

Someone likes Kalik 🐸🐸

We have some pasta along with pumpernickel and spinach dip for dinner.  Delicious!  We wind down the long day by watching some TV and relaxing on the couch.  I pour a scotch and do some social media for business. 

I’m excited to get to bed after the long day and a couple busy weeks.  Heather makes the bed with our new Monaco Liquid Cotton 500 thread count sheets along with a beautiful Bluebellgray duvet cover resembling the bougainville flowers of Exuma.  

Off to bed…. last I heard Santa was in Florida!   

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