A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

December 29, 2016

No running into town this morning which is nice.  We relax at the house and lay in the lounge chairs on the back deck.  Heather responds to some inquiries from people wanting to book Canuck Palms in January.  We decide we better head to Cocoplum Beach which is a must when we are in Exuma. We pack up the car and drive west just after 12 o’clock, and arrive to beautiful Cocoplum Beach about 15 minutes later.  On our drive we pull over to look at some of the damage from Hurricane Matthew.  The water tower in Steventon is almost bent in half from the 140 mph winds that the island experienced.

aftermath of Hurricane Matthew
view from abandoned beach bar at Cocoplum Beach

Chase gets out his kite which he flies every time he is at Cocoplum Beach.  I set up the two hammocks in the trees just out front of the abandoned beach bars.  Chase flies his kite for a while then Heather and Chase walk down the beach to the sandbar to hunt for starfish and sand dollars.  They walk for what seems like miles in ankle deep windex blue water.

Chase and his kite

I pull the Red Paddle SUP board out of the trunk and inflate it.  We always keep the SUP board in the trunk and use it several times a week.  Chase and Heather SUP for over an hour in the shallow waters.

Stand Up Paddle

We enjoy the whole afternoon at the beach.  We get some great shots of Chase skim boarding across the tops of the sandbars.


We have a easy dinner when we get home….grilled cheese and ham.  We had planned to head to Grand Isle to help Emmerson with the Junkanoo and bonefire.  At the last minute Chase decides he wants to fish at the beach again at the house.  Chase and I fish for about an hour and Chase lands a small market fish.  It will be perfect to use as bait the next time we fish.   Today was amazing….we were glad we got to Cocoplum and hope to get there another day this trip!  Tomorrow we have some running around to do to get some things for the New Years party at Barry and Donna’s house.

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