A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

28 December, 2016

Well Chase gets his wish and we drive to Augusta Bay again for breakfast.  We enjoy omelettes and pancakes and watch the water taxi come and pick up some people to go to Stocking Island and Chat n Chill.  After breakfast we head into town to run some errands.  Heather and Chase drop me off at BTC and I run in and pay my bill with Lionella.  I meet them back at the car and they were successful at grabbing some 2017 Exuma brochures from the travel office.  We like to have some at the house for our guests and bring some home to Canada to hand out.  Chase is excited as he saw his friend Roger who he knows from Grand Isle.  Roger told Chase that he has since left Grand Isle Resort and is now providing guest tours to see the swimming pigs.  His company is called “Triple A”.

We swing by Bal Sounds Electric near the laundromat to pick up an SD card for Chase’s new Gopro.  After that I drop Heather off at the market and she runs in to grab a few things (lettuce, cheese, chips,  etc).  I leave Chase watching the parrot fish at the dock and I run into the hairdressing shop to purchase fresh grouper and lobster tails for dinner.  The hairdresser’s husband is a spear fisherman and sells his fresh catch right out of the shop.  Next we reserve a 19 foot power cat boat from Minns Water Sports for next Tuesday.  Hopefully the weather holds up that day as we will be out and about around the cays in Elizabeth Harbour.  We then make a stop at Darville Lumber and look for beach chairs. Unfortunately they didn’t have the ones we wanted.  Looks like we will be shipping from Nassau again.

Halfway home we make a stop at Prime Island Meats in Hoopers Bay.  Ron and Dale set us up with fresh pizza shells, ham, onion, green pepper and steak.  We love this place.

We drop off the groceries and are dying to get to the beach.  Its already after lunch, so we slip up the road to Farmer’s Hill and set up at Flamingo Beach.  Once again we have another beach to ourselves!  I slip home to grab the wallet and make a stop at the liquor store at Emerald Bay for a case of kalik, some Sands Raddlers, and some wine.  We spend a couple hours at the beach and get home around 430.

Flamingo Beach

Chase and I grab our fishing gear and walk to the beach near the house.  The water is rough, the waves are quite high.  We fish with large bait hooks and squid that we bought from Tracy Bowes convenience store around the corner.  We get several bites, and Chase almost lands a bonefish!  We think we may have to try smaller hooks the next time we fish if we want bonefish.  We return to the house and have a refreshing outdoor shower.  We also make sure we rinse off the salt from the rods and reels so they don’t rust and seize up.

I’m looking forward to cooking dinner on the bbq….fresh steak and lobster.  I bbq while the sun sets, with a glass of wine listening to the waves.

view of the sunset of the back deck

It was another great day.  Rumor has it we may be heading to Cocoplum Beach tomorrow!  My Fav!  (Or one of them anyway).

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