A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

27 December, 2016

Chase decides to hang out at the house while we head down for our walk on the beach.  We walk to the end of the beach and back and see a rare sight….two other people sitting in the sand enjoying the view.  Usually we don’t see anyone on the beach.  We hang out for a while watching the waves crash onto shore.  The temperature is perfect today.

We head back to the house and i make eggs for everyone as Heather and Chase pack up the car for the day at the beach.  We make sure we have the snorkel equipment, fish spear, beach towels, beach tent, SUP board, skim board, and the fishing poles.  We take off for Little Exuma a little after 9 am.

We stop at the bridge to Little Exuma so Chase can check for sharks and barracuda.  The bridge is one of Chase’s popular fishing locations.  We arrive a short time later at the beach at Forbes Hill.  There are a couple people on the beach enjoying the scenery.  We find our spot on the beach and set up the chairs.  Easy to find a spot when you pretty much have the beach to yourself.

amazing Forbes Hill





this cute potcake says hi

We decide to check out Rolletown and the Haulover Bay Restaurant so we can report back to our upcoming guests.  As we drive down the road and park in front we are blown away at the view of Moriah Harbour.  We stay for a couple hours.  The owners are super friendly, and Chase enjoyed hearing fishing stories from one of the locals “Fat Freddy”.


Chase makes a new friend
the view at Haulover Bay Restaurant

We arrived home just before dinner, tired from the day in the sun.  Herode stops by to grab the garbage to take to the dump and we surprise him with his Christmas gift.  We arrange a night to have him and Max over for dinner.

Merry Christmas Herode!

We decide to make dinner easy and slip up the road to Emerald Bay Pub to order pizza.  We swim and wave jump at the beach near the house then go to the pub.  We enjoy a kalik and a rum punch while we wait for our large pineapple pizza.  I end the night with a glass of wine while I type the previous days blog.  I have a feeling we will be heading to Flamingo Beach tomorrow on Paradise Bay!!




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