A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

CHRISTMAS IN EXUMA!!  25 December, 2016

We arrive at the valet “Park n Fly” at about 640 am near the Toronto airport.  We unload the luggage just in time to catch the valet shuttle to the airport.  Chase is super excited and doesn’t even seem tired even though he was up opening gifts from Santa at 330 am at home.  The airport is busy but not as bad as I thought.  We make our way to gate E76 and wait to board our Air Canada direct flight to Exuma!

Exuma Blue

The flight is less than three hours and before we know it we land at the Moss Town Airport.  It is sunny and warm with a light breeze.  The view from the air always blows us away!

I slide across the parking lot to Airport Car Rental and pick up the Toyota Corolla.  Within half an hour of arriving at the airport we are on our way to the house.  What makes it even better is that we pull into our driveway 5 minutes later!  The house looks great, Herode has really kept the property looking nice while we were away.  We can’t believe how green the grass is.

Grass and Palm Trees have turned out great

We say hi to Herode and wish him a Merry Christmas.  He has been working hard on our neighbor’s lawn as well.  We plan on having Herode and our painter Max over this week for dinner.

Chase can’t wait to get to the beach so we grab a kalik and a couple of beach chairs and walk down.  The water is a little more rough than usual.  Again we have the beach all to ourselves.  We walk the beach and Chase and I go for a swim.  We head back to the house, load up the car and drive a couple minutes up the road to Emerald Bay.  We spend about an hour on the beach.  The Emerald Bay straw market is closed because it is Christmas Day.  After the beach we take a drive around the golf course at Emerald Bay and check out the marina.

The beach near the house all to ourselves

We slip home and change out of our wet swim suits and head back to Emerald Bay.  We decide to try Emerald Bay Pub and Grill, as some of our recent guests have said the food was great.  While we watched football and basketball on the big tv screens we enjoyed hamburgers and pizza.  Delicious.

Emerald Pub and Grill

After being up since 330 am we are looking forward to a good night sleep.  Soon after we get home we turn in.  Chase of course decides to sleep on the big queen couch even though we have a big king bed in the second bedroom.  Chase has a request for tomorrow….to go to our favorite spot for breakfast…..Augusta Bay!




2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

  1. great blog!!! cant wait to try all these places in April……and maybe one day WestJet will fly directly as well…then we dont have to fly out of that damn Terminal One at pearson!

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