A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 28 December 2015

We are excited to head to one of our favorite beaches on the island today…..Cocoplum Beach!  Cocoplum is close to the house, about 10 minutes to the west.  We head towards town to pick up supplies, but because the boat came in Saturday the island has made boxing day today instead.  All the stores in town are closed.  We stop at our favorite breakfast place Augusta Bay just west of Georgetown.  We have a fantastic breakfast, and Chase hangs out in the water catching minnows.  After breakfast we drive back towards the house and stop at Prime Island Meats.  We grab some black angus steaks, potatoes and onion for dinner.

Water Taxi to Stocking Island

We stop at Emerald Bay first, Chase wants to see if his friend Nathan from Indiana is there.  No luck.  We continue to Cocoplum and arrive just before 1pm.  Chase runs onto the beach and down to the sandbar.  Amazing, out of all of the beaches on Great Exuma Chase finds his friend here, and we see them walking back towards us together.  It’s great that Chase has found a buddy to play with.  We set up our beach chairs under a couple pine trees and crack a kalik.

Another Kalik at Cocoplum

Chase and Nathan grab the skim board and head out to the waves.  The water is perfect and they skim board for over an hour.  Heather heads down to the sandbar to collect sand dollars and whatever other shells she can find.  I simply relax in my beach chair with a kalik….staring at the clear blue water.

Chase and Nathan Skimboarding

Chase and Nathan then decide to fly the kite that Chase was given at the Junkanoo.  They have a blast….flying a kite on Cocoplum Beach in Exuma how cool is that!  The pictures turn out great.

Chase with his Kite from Junkanoo


We get back to the house and I’m excited to cook the steaks.  We have a great dinner with corn, steak, rice and potatoes.  The wifi is acting up so unfortunately i wasn’t able to do our blog.  And then the power went out, so we crack out the candles and flashlights.  White wine, UNO, and candlelight is how we spend the next couple hours.  Not a bad night at all….


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