A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 27 December 2015

Today we are excited to head to Chat n Chill on Stocking island for the Pig Roast.  We Get to the government dock about 1030 and its already hard to find a parking spot for the water taxi.  We jump in the water taxi just in time a head towards Stocking Island, about a 10 minute boat ride.  Elizabeth Harbour is buzzing with dozens of beautiful catamarans, sailboats and yachts.  We always wonder what famous person is out there in the harbour when we see all the big boats.  Is it Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill, David Copperfield, Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage?  They all have homes here!

Chase pets the Stingrays


The water taxi is full, I’ve never seen so many people on it.  The boat pulls up to the dock behind Chat n Chill in Turtle Bay.  12 dollars a person for a return trip, not bad.  Before we walk around the point Chase is out in the water petting the stingrays.  Petting the rays and feeding them conch is a favorite thing to do while here on the island.  We get lots of great pics.

Famous Chat n Chill Sign


We find a picnic table and sit facing the harbour.  Boats and dingys are starting to pull up to shore for the pig roast.  We grab a couple kaliks and watch Chase play with the stingrays.  People flock to the conch shack for fresh conch salad….its so good!  The three of us take in a couple games of UNO while we wait for lunch.  Chase runs off to walk the tight rope and play on the rope swing with some other kids.  A short while later we find Chase playing beach volleyball with a group of adults lol.  He is doing so great its fun to watch.  I decide to join him in a couple games, on the opposite team of course.  My knee hurts, everything aches, and Chase heckles me from the other side of the court!

Chase having a blast playing Volleyball

We have a great lunch and jump in the water to cool off.  Chase has made a new friend Nathan from Indiana, and they get along great playing frisbee.  We catch the water taxi back to the government dock around 3 o’clock.  Chase gets to sit with Nathan and I have a nice chat with his dad.  The boys want to get together this week to play in the waves.  It turns out they are staying in a place out near our house at Three Sisters Rock.  We stop at the Hoopers Bay Reserve to take some pictures from the lookout.  We have never walked up to the lookout before, the view is spectacular!

View from the Reserve at Hoopers Bay



We get home around 430 and head down to the beach to skim board and go for a walk.  The waves are strong but not as strong as they have been earlier this trip.  Chase and I throw the football around in the water and Heather relaxes on shore in a beach chair.

I make left over turkey sandwiches for dinner and some pasta for Chase.  After dinner we chill out and I blog about the Junkanoo the night before.  We are tired from another great day in the sun.  We crawl into bed around 930 and sleep like a baby.



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