A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 23 December 2015

We are excited to take a tour to the tip of Little Exuma today!  Our mission is to explore some beaches that we have never seen before.  We wake up around 7am and head down to our beach with a coffee.  The sun is already warm and the beach is beautiful.  Chase runs the entire beach and back and finishes with 10 push ups at the waters edge.  We head back to the house, make breakfast, and i make a call to have the wifi line checked later today.

Around ten o’clock we jump in the car and head towards Little Exuma.  We take the back way along Breakwater Drive from our place.  We love that drive, passing a few houses we looked at buying in the past before we bought this one.  We love the community we are in, our neighbors are great.

We stop at the bridge at Little Exuma so Chase can jump out and try and see the big fish that he tried to catch last trip.  There is a man fly fishing in the flats just on the other side of the bridge, it looks so relaxing……and I didn’t bring my new fly fishing gear because I thought i would be too busy putting in windows!  Chase runs back to the car and says he saw a huge barracuda by the bridge.

We continue our journey and stop in Forbes Hill to check out the beach.  All of those times we have drove past here to go to Tropic of Cancer Beach and Santana’s and we have never stopped here.  OMG we cant believe it as we drive up……why haven’t we been here before!!

Beach at Forbes Hill

The sand is so soft, its calm, and the large pine trees provide some needed shade.  We cannot believe we haven’t been here before….we rate it right up there with Coco Plum Beach.  We set up three beach chairs in total seclusion….and run into the water.

Tire Swing on the beach
Sand is like powder

We stay for a couple of hours and pack up to head to Santana’s.  Chase is so mad….he wants to spend the whole day here snorkeling and SUP boarding.  We collect some shells to make jewellery with before we go, and i find the perfect old glass bottle to use as a decoration at the house.

On the way to Santana’s in William Town we make a stop at the Salt Beacon.  This massive concrete structure would mark where the ships would come from sea to get the sea salt from the salt ponds.  People would use this salt to preserve meats and fish.

Salt Beacon in Williams Town

We get to Santana’s and Chase runs down to the beach to see the sharks.  Two of them are nearby and Chase throws in some lobster scraps to chum the water.  I of course belly up to the bar and order a coconut rum and some lobster! I know why Johnny Depp loved this place so much while filming Pirates of the Caribbean!  We see the couple we met at Houseman’s Restaurant yesterday, who are from Manchester and own a place on Tar Bay.

Famous Lobster at Santana’s

Chase ends up feeding 5 sharks…..sand sharks and black tipped sharks.  So awesome to watch!  I of course watched from the bar…..  Heather and Chase head next door to Mom’s Bakery for the best rum cake in the island.  Mom remembers Heather and Chase from other visits, and they talk about her recent eye surgery she had to have in Nassau.  Mom is 84 years young.

Santana’s Johnny Depp’s Favorite Hangout

We jump in the car and explore to the tip of Little Exuma.  We then travel back to the house while eating rum cake the whole way.  Its so good!  We get back to the house and see Herode working away on the yard at Barry’s house.  We unpack then walk down to the beach for a last swim.  We walk the beach and Chase catches sand crabs.  We run in for a swim and wave jump for a while….refreshing!  We leave the beach and walk Breakwater Drive west checking out the view.  We love it here.  We end the evening with an outdoor shower, and relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine.  What an amazing day….we loved Forbes Hill Beach!

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”

  1. Lovely story. We found the roads a little rough to Tropic of Cancer beach but a lovely beach to be sure. I am curious where did you encounter the turtles?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good evening Marie. You can find the sea turtles at Hoopers Bay. Take the path from the main road down to the beach, turn to the right and walk to the end of the beach to the last dock. The turtles all hang out at the end of the dock. Take some cut up squid they will love it!
      Brett and Heather


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