A Day In the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms 22 December 2015

We wake up early and take our coffee to the beach.  Heather and I walk to the end of the beach and back, and we are met by Chase running down the sand bank wanting to go swim.  He was fast asleep when we left the house, and we had left him a note to say we had gone for our morning walk.  Chase decides to go for a run to the end of the beach…..trying to stay in shape for hockey when he gets home.  His team has a major tournament out near Niagara Falls when we return in two weeks.  We find a nice bottle washed up on shore and decide to keep it since the colour of the bottle matches the blue decor of our house.

I cook a big breakfast……bacon and eggs.  We pack up the car after we eat…snorkel equipment, SUP board, beach tent, and beach chairs.  We travel to town to grab a few things.  Heather shops at Shop Rite and the Exuma market.  I stop at BTC to check on our wifi bill, and stop at RBC bank to go over some things with our account.  I meet Heather and Chase at Redboones cafe beside the Exuma Market.  We have a nice cold Kalik use the wifi to check some emails.

Chase checking a few emails
A kalik at Redboone Cafe

We take the groceries back home and Chase wants to go back down towards Georgetown and check out the sea turtles at Hoopers Bay.  We make a quick lunch…..bagels and  left over pizza.  We pack a cooler and head back towards town.  The view walking the path to Hoopers Bay is breathtaking today.  The water is so many different shades of blue.

Swimming with Sea Turtles

We walk to the end of Hoopers Bay beach, set up our beach chairs, and go for a swim.  The water is amazing today, the perfect temperature.  We swim with 3 sea turtles, it was so amazing.  This is a must do when here!!

Chase at Hoopers Bay

We hang out in our beach chairs, have a kalik or two, and swim for another hour or so.  We pack up and head back towards the house.  We decide to stop for a drink at Houseman’s in Mount Thompson close to the house and Three Sisters Rock.  What a view!  Hard to believe we have never stopped here and its two minutes away.  We meet a wonderful couple who have a home on Tar Bay.  They suggest we try to go to the Christmas Festival on Christmas Eve at the Goverment dock in Georgetown.  Several live bands will be here performing into the evening and it sounds like something we don’t want to miss.

Enjoying the view
Houseman’s Beach bar


We get back to the house and rinse off in the outdoor shower.  I fire up the bbq and make hot dogs and salad for dinner.  Another great day!  We finally got to meet the sea turtles!  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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