A Day In the Life at Canuck Palms

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms December 21 2015

I slept like a baby last night, no stress, no crowded malls, no traffic, just the sound of the waves.  We woke up around 7am, and Chase was so excited to see his “Elf on a Shelf” Elfie had come to visit and was sitting beside the Christmas tree.  We have a quick coffee and we head down to walk the beach, our favorite thing to do in the mornings.

Elfie arrives in Exuma!

We jump in the car and head towards town.  Around 10am we stop at Augusta Bay for breakfast….our treat every time we are in Exuma.  Chase had his favorite pancakes, and i had my meat lovers omelet.  Chase Went out by the pool to catch geckos.  We made some calls about our window order which was supposed to be here on the island by now.

We drop by the water company to pay our bill when we get to town.  We then head past the market and stop at Top to Bottom.  Chase wants to buy some fishing hooks and see what else is there.  I head to customs nearby to sort out the window order.  We end up at Tropical Accents and Gifts to wish owner Cleopatra a happy birthday.  She has an amazing store with so many beautiful things….home decor and clothes!  We then head up to Seacor shipping to try and sort out the issue with our window order!

Apparently our window order is still stuck at the packaging place in Florida….an obvious mistake between home depot and the shipping company.  As far as we knew our windows and other building supplies were  here two weeks ago.  We received a partial order…..cement board trim, screws, paint, a new kitchen faucet, door handles, and exterior solar rope lighting and spot lights.  Its frustrating, but not much we can do about it.  We stop in to see Ron at Prime Island Meats.  We make sure our Christmas turkey is still ordered, and pick up pizza shells, ham, bread, milk, and a few other things.

We arrive home and unpack some of our cargo.  Our friend Shorne drops over and installs the new kitchen faucet.  It looks great!  We meet up with Wade to discuss the window issue, and decide we need to go for a walk on a nice beach somewhere.  Heather and i put up the rope lighting around the new coconut trees.  We jump in the car and head back towards the airport to find a secluded beach!


The new kitchen faucet

We head back towards the airport and stop at Jimmy Hill to enjoy a walk on the beach.  We haven’t been on this beach for a few years, since we stayed here with friends of ours in 2011.  The beach is beautiful, long, wide, and not a soul in sight.  We then head back west and end up at Flamingo Beach in Steventon for a final swim.  Heather and i walk the length of the beach down towards “Big D’s”   The water is fantastic….a great end to a busy day.  We head back and stop at Bristol’s Liquor store for white wine and kalik.  We then stop at Bowes Convenience store for pizza sauce and mix for our rum punch.

To our surprise when we arrive back at the house,  Elfie our Elf on a Shelf has taken one of my kaliks and is bear hugging it on top of the fridge.  I was hoping to have the cold kalik upon getting back to the house but i guess it will have to wait!


Elfie stole my cold Kalik!

I rinse off in the outdoor shower, while Chase runs around and catches geckos.  Heather and i make fresh pizzas and enjoy a glass of white wine at the breakfast bar.  Its been a long day but we at least got a few things crossed of the list.  We end the day relaxing on the couch and planning our next days adventures……its looking like Coco Plum Beach!




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