“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms” Thursday August 27, 2015

“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”  Thursday August 27, 2015

Today is Heather’s birthday!  We wake up around 745 and make a pot of coffee.  I make bacon and eggs and we eat at the breakfast bar looking at the ocean.  We are greeted by our friend Herode who brings over a huge watermelon from his farm for Heather for her birthday!

Happy Birthday Heather from Herod!
Happy Birthday Heather from Herode!

Today is partly cloudy and already warm out.  We get ready after breakfast and jump in the car and head to town to do some running around.  Our first stop is “Shop Rite”, which has great prices for groceries.  It is located on the right side as you get to town just before BTC.  As Heather shops at Shop Rite I walk up the street to BTC (telephone and internet) and speak with my friend Lionella.  We go over some account things and I head over to RBC bank.  After setting up a Bahamas RBC account last trip, I’m just waiting on a debit card to come from Nassau.

We stop at the Exuma market again to grab some groceries in preparation for the hurricane due to hit this weekend.  We buy enough non perishable items to last three days without power, batteries, candles, etc.    The hurricane is the talk of the town everywhere we go.

On the way back home we stop at “Prime Island Meats”  and grab fresh prime rib steak, sweet sausages, and pizza shells.  We head west and pass our house to go to Bristols liquor store at Emerald Bay up near Sandals and Grand Isle resort (about 3 minutes up the road).  Bristols is a great liquor store with a friendly owner and a great selection.  We are looking forward to trying Emerald Bay Cafe and Grill next door as well.  We head back towards the house and grab gas from the old lady at the gas bar in Farmers Hill.  We also buy a bag of ice across the street (green building).  If our power goes out we will need the ice for sure.

We get home and head down to the beach for another swim.  The water is like bath water, unbelievably warm.  I give Tony a call at “Catch a Fire” restaurant to make a dinner reservation for 630 tonight for Heather’s birthday (sun sets at around 725 and is a must see at Catch a Fire!

We arrive at the restaurant right at 630 and its not crowded at all because of the off season.  I chat to the bartender who i recognize from working at Exuma Beach Resort last year.  We are greeted by Tony the owner who wishes Heather a happy birthday.

watching the famous Catch a Fire sunset
watching the famous Catch a Fire sunset

Dinner is fantastic as always.  I have fresh grilled lobster with mac and cheese and rice.  Heather has the mac and cheese, rice, and spicy thai chicken.  We order a Goombay Smash (3 types of rum) and a Bahama Mama.

the Catch a Fire bar
the Catch a Fire bar

After dinner we decide to head to Georgetown to “Peace and Plenty” resort to catch the rake and scrape band and the buffet.  We arrive and can hear the band playing from the street.  Chase runs in before us because he knows his buddy “Hasty” is most likely playing the drums.  We walk in, and sure enough Chase is helping Hasty out on the drums as always.

playing the drums with
playing the drums with “Hasty”

The buffet is busy but not as busy as usual because its August.  We bump into Wade, our friend that will be helping me install the new windows that we are having shipped next week from Florida.  Wade thinks there will be a delay in the boat coming because of the hurricane.  We sit and listen to the band play some great Bahamian music outside on the patio by the pool.  Some of the guests at the hotel are enjoying the bar inside, where a lot of the historic pieces are on display from when the hotel was a fishing lodge.

We arrive home before 11 to find the wifi not working.  I will have to make some calls in the morning and have Leroy come out and take a look.  Tomorrow we have the task of pulling out all the storm shutters and doing more hurricane prep…..and hitting some beaches of course!

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