“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms” Wednesday 26 August 2015

“A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms”  Wednesday 26 August 2015

We wake up early again and excited to get to town and jump on the boat.  We get a visit from our bird friend that always seems to visit each morning and each night.  Chase names him “Batman” because of his feathers that resemble a cape.  He sits and watches us on the fence the entire time we are on the back deck.

“Batman” our friendly island bird

We jump in the car and head to town and are loaded up on the boat by 9 am.  We decide to head east around Crab Cay under the big bridge and explore.  We pass February point, and Chase has taken over the wheel for the next while.  We are following a beautiful sailboat the entire way when we decide to turn off into one of the bays where there is an underwater cave.  We throw the anchor and spend a half hour snorkeling with hundreds of beautiful fish.  We continue our adventure into another bay to the north where we plan to snorkel some reefs and spear fish.  Its about 1030 am, and as we drift in we see two dolphins swim near the boat!

One of the two dolphins we encounter today
One of the two dolphins we encounter today
nothing like seeing wild dolphins
nothing like seeing wild dolphins

I grab my snorkel gear and jump in for a swim.  As i snorkel one the dolphins comes and plays for a bit.  He swims around me, and as i go beneath the surface he swims close and gets a bite of seaweed from the ocean floor.  He is close enough that i can reach out and touch him, i picked the wrong day to forget my underwater camera mask at the house!

We eventually arrive at one of our favorite beaches on the north side of a small isolated cay.   We beach the boat and walk off into a foot of water.  We set up our beach tent under a pine tree on the beach, and unpack the SUP board, cooler, and snorkel equipment.

a secluded beach with the boat
a secluded beach with the boat

Heather and i sit in the tent and have a kalik while Chase snorkels in the coral reef.  Afterwards Chase and i grab the spear and snorkel almost the entire way around the cay.  He reminds me several times that i missed 4 large grouper with the spear.  I guess we wont be grilling fish tonight.

selfie, Exuma style
selfie, Exuma style

Chase and Heather get out the SUP board while i have another kalik….or two.  The SUP board probably was one of our best purchases, its so much fun and perfect for the calm water here.

Chase on the SUP board
Chase on the SUP board

Mid afternoon we pack up and head back towards the harbour, enjoying the view of the shores of Crab Cay.  Chase takes the wheel and we decide to go to Stocking Island again for a drink and to see the sting rays.  We drop i for a visit, and chat to some of the locals that are serving fresh conch salad.   Chase feeds the stingrays some conch and we relax under the trees.  Its quiet today at the beach bar, only a hand ful of people.  We jump in the boat, go visit the barracuda again at the blue hole, and return to the marina by 5 o’clock.  Its been another long day and i cant wait to get to the house and go for a dip.

We head back to the house and head to the beach for a swim.  Today the water isnt as calm as it has been so far this trip.  We hang out for an hour or so and also squeeze in a walk down to the end of the beach and back.  Chase collects items for his gecko house that he made.  We rinse off in the outdoor shower, throw on the robes, and enjoy a pasta dinner.  Tomorrow is another exciting day, and I’m looking forward to celebrating Heather’s birthday!!


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