A Day In the Life at Canuck Palms – 24 August 2015

A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms – 24 August 2015

A morning ritual, we wake up early, brew a pot of coffee, and head down the path to the beach.  We leave a little note for Chase to read when he wakes up telling him we are at the beach.  We walk the entire beach to the end and back, the sun is already warm.  The water is like bath water, we head in for a morning swim.   We look back to see Chase come down the path, still in his bath robe lol.  We all swim for a about a half an hour and head back up to the house as we have a busy day ahead.

We jump in the rental car and head towards town.  We decide to drop into one of our favorite places “Augusta Bay” for breakfast.  “Augusta Bay” is just before the “Fish Fry” on the water.  We enjoy pancakes and omelets with fresh coffee, and Chase explores the dock looking for fish.

We drive into town a couple minutes away and park at the Exuma Food Market”  We watch some of the boats leave the marina at Minns Water Sports under the bridge while Chase looks for more fish.  A half hour later we sit down at the small outdoor bar next to the market, grab a kalik and use the wifi to update some facebook and twitter and respond to some emails.  We soon go grocery shopping for just the basics for now, bacon, eggs, yogurt, cheese, lettuce, onion and a few other things.  Just before one o’clock we walk up to Minns Water Sports and reserve a 17 foot boston whaler for the next two days!!  Anxious to get back to the house, we take off back westbound.  We make one more stop, “Prime Island Meats”  the deli where we get things like lobster, grouper, steak, pizza dough, breads and more.  We chat to Ron about ordering a turkey for Christmas, we are so excited to be down here this December for Christmas and New Years.

We get back to the house, unload the car, and again head down to the beach.  We spend the rest of the afternoon SUP boarding and fishing.  The bone fish just off the point kept taking the squid off the hook!   Chase and I head out and fish from the SUP board, staring into the crystal blue waters at all the coral.


We return to the beach just before dark, pack up the SUP board and fishing equipment, and head back up to the house.   A quick outdoor shower and into the cotton robes.  Heather makes homemade pizza as we sip away on another rum punch.   We end the evening doing some updates on social media for the business, watching some tv, and having a glass of wine.  We have an early morning tomorrow, heading out on the boat for the day!

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