A Day in the Life at Canuck Palms – 23 August 2015

We promised some of our friends that we would write “A day in the life” letter on our blog every day that we were down at our home “Canuck Palms” in Great Exuma Bahamas.  For the next two weeks we will simply describe our daily activities on the island and what we do each day.  Here we go!

23 August 2015 (Sunday)

Our Air Canada flight left Toronto at 0935 hrs this morning.  Its a quick flight, just over 3 hours, basically long enough to watch one movie on the plane and start a second.  The Air Canada direct flight is very convenient, but having flown to Nassau and then down to Exuma several times in the past it was also simple as well (especially with the new Nassau airport). Upon our decent we see the most vibrant blue water, the untouched cays, always breathtaking.


We step off the plane in Exuma to see the tiny yellow airport, and wonder if “Hasty” will be playing the steel drums with the band in the lobby.  The time is now only 1240, a nice quick 3 hour flight.  We grab our bags (they actually open up a door in the wall and pass them through from the luggage trolly).  By one oclock we have walked across the parking lot to “Airport Car Rental” and grabbed our Toyota Corolla.  Off we go to the house!

As we leave the airport we drive down the hill and see the blue water again, and cant wait to get to the house.  We turn left at the roundabout and head west towards Mount Thompson and Farmers Hill.  We pass the famous 3 Sisters Rock on the right (the old tale says that 3 sisters drown there once and they were all in love with the same man).  We bypass our road and stop at Tracy Bowes convenience store which is conveniently open until 3 on Sundays (the only food store open today!) We quickly go in, Heather and Chase grab some milk, water, onion, bagels, cream cheese and a few other things.  I grabbed a case of Kalik (liquor store beside is closed but ask at the counter and they will go grab a case for you!)   We arrive at the house, about 6 or 7 minutes from the airport.

Our cleaning staff is just finishing up cleaning the house after our last guests from Toronto left this morning.  Cynthia and her staff from Allure Sunrise cleaning services do a fantastic job with the house, we are so happy with them!  We unpack our things and head down to the beach.  A short walk through the backyard and we are there, and like always we are the only ones there.  I set up the beach tent with two beach chairs.  We get out Heather’s birthday present, a new inflatable SUP board.  The water is calm, as Heather and Chase are excited to try the SUP board, and i cant wait to snorkel the reefs straight off the beach.  We spend the next few hours snorkeling, SUP boarding, and spear fishing.  The coral reefs are amazing to snorkel, with massive brain coral and fan coral everywhere.  Schools of “Dory” fish as Chase calls them were everywhere today.  We also saw two barracuda, a baby stingray, and a sea turtle!


We walked back up to the house and rinsed off in the outdoor shower.  We jump into the cotton “Canuck Palms” robes (We have 6 of them for guests).  Chase heads outside on a hunt for geckos, one of his favorite things to do while here.  Outside Heather and i go for a walk around the property checking out the gardens.  We recently had new shrubs and flowers planted at the rear of the property along the fence, and 3 big palm trees planted along side of the house.  After dinner we relax on the back deck listening to the ocean with a glass of wine and a rum punch.  Chase fell asleep before 9 while he watched one of his favorite shows “Pirates of the Caribbean” on the flat screen TV.  (Johnny Depp filmed the series here in Exuma, and then bought “Goat Cay” here because he loved it so much).  We are all tired after the afternoon at the beach, and are excited about tomorrow on the island.

Stay tuned for tomorrows “A day in the life……”

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